Monthly Treats : The Confessions of a Financially Unstable Female #9

I've seen quite a few blog posts mentioning that Fragrance Direct are selling Dainty Doll products for £1.99 each, I can't resist a bargain so I snapped these up. I haven't gotten around to trying them yet. 

Primark buys. I couldn't resist these studded socks for when I wear black tights and boots. I can't go in Primark without picking up some black tights, I get through so many of these. I saw this Agan hair oil at the till and decided to add it to my basket, so far I'm enjoying using it.

I finally got myself a personalised stamp from eBay ready for when I start making cards properly.
This ring is also another eBay bargain, it took a while to get here but for £0.99 who cares! 

More eBay buys. The penguin bottle opener, flower garland and dripping CC tee have all been in my eBay watch list for quite a while now and I could no longer resist.

I haven't had a good Primark spree for a while so decided to treat myself in March, I didn't go crazy but I got myself some nice new clothes. I've hardly taken the camouflage jacket off since buying it, which is a bit silly really as its not quite warm enough to wear it which means I'm constantly cold. The dress was a bargain buy and fits me perfectly, I've worn it a few times but haven't managed to snap an OOTD in it, I'm sure there will be one soon. These jeans/jeggings are an awful fit on me, jeans always are as I have such a big bum and small waist. The coral pair aren't as bad but the blue pair constantly fall down. I stupidly cut the tags off before realising how awful they were.


  1. I love your bargains you have already got me on ebay haha :) I feel the need to shop

    1. hehe :) I hope you bought some lovely goodies x


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