Week in Photos #104

I finally bought the floral garland from this eBay post, it looks so pretty on the headboard.

So happy to see PJ & Duncan at number one, they were my absolute faves when I was younger.
I made a spur of the moment Easter card for my niece Gracie, she decided to improve it.

I went to Ladies Night on Thursday which was fab, blog post to come! 

Spencer's bargain shoes, £15 from Debenhams.
I've been so clumsy this week, this candle holder is one of many things that I've dropped/smashed.
Kitty was pretty warn out here and feeling sorry for herself.
Flick has a tendency to spy on me when I'm doing my make-up.

Hospital visits have meant more McDonalds trips.
I've started reading the Hunger Games trilogy. I had a day in Saturday so sat and read the whole of book one, I really enjoyed it and am now halfway through book two.
The amazing Rocky Road of Love Easter Egg that I bought for Spencer.
I went to my friend's house on Friday for a night in and had a few bottles of Crabbies, I love this stuff.

Some of the food I've eaten. Chicken with herbs & potato wedges, homemade burgers with cauliflower & broccoli cheese, Falafel & Houmous wrap and a breakfast bap from the Spar.

Me and Spencer had a day out on our Clubcard on Friday, we went to Monmouth and had a delicious meal in Pizza Express. The sharing starter was amazing as was my pizza.

Easter, don't you just love it? I had this delicious egg off Spencer, it is calling my name as I type...
My mam went to town decorating the cakes for the kids and cooked us all an amazing lamb dinner. I then went back to the pub :)

I hope you've all had a cracking Easter! 


  1. Once again, I am now starving! Love the Hunger Games books, I literally couldn't sleep until I'd finished the second one... xx

    1. I'm almost done with the second one, so far I am really enjoying them. x

  2. MMmmm, lots of delicious things in this post! I used to love PJ and Duncan too :) Will have to celebrate at work tomorrow by listening to their album haha.

    1. PJ & Duncan were the best, well actually they still are! Which album did you listen to? I'd love to dig out all their old albums but they're on tape & I don't have a tape player :( x

  3. The Hunger Games books are really good, one of my favourite trilogy's :) xo


    1. So far so good, really enjoying them. x

  4. I'd love to've gone to the ladies night but was on a works do in Swansea! Gutted as they rarely have them this close to home. Will look forward to reading your post on it all x Gem http://wwwblackstarrynight.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. ah such a shame, it is a nice to change to have events in South Wales. x


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