Week in Photos #105

I completely forgot to post this photo last week. On our little day trip to Monmouth we saw this shop front being done over for a new TV programme. Quite exciting.

I'm in love with my new Deer head :) You can view my post about it here.

We went for a little stroll today. There were loads of amusing old sheep and cute little lambs.

Some yummy food. I bought a griddle pan and am pretty much in love with it, I made the most perfect eggs in it. I went out for an Indian on Thursday night for a friends birthday. We had a great night and the food was delicious  I was brave and didn't have my usual chicken Korma, instead I had butter chicken supreme, still a wimps dish but a nice change! Beef with peppers, onion and Falafel. Mine beef with carrots, onions & gravy in pitta bread.

Possibly my last Creme Egg this year, boohoo :( These new Malteaser bars are a nice substitute :) We had lunch at the Harvester yesterday and Sunday lunch out today. Good weekend all round! 


  1. Love a Harvester! Free salad all the way. xx

    1. Oh yes it is all about the salad bar! x


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