Festival Wishlist #1

I'm starting to get quite excited about the Rewind festival in August. One of the many reasons that I've always wanted to go to a festival is that I absolutely love festival fashion. Unfortunately for me I'm a little too overweight to wear the festival clothes that I dream of, instead I'll be piling on the accessories and watching the slim girls with envy.

Round Cat Eye Sunglasses  ♥ Pop Waisted Skinny Belt  Black & Neon Hunter Wellies  Ice Cream Dream Floral Crown  ♥ Safari Zoo Backpack  ♥ Straw Flower Beekeeper Hat

As the festival that I am going to is 80s themed I've gone for a few colourful accessories, I don't want to go overboard on the 80s theme but I think the odd colour pop here and there will look fab.

French Connection stock a brilliant range of accessories and what girl doesn't dream of a pair of Hunters for wading through the mud? Unfortunately in reality I'm sure most of my kit will come from Primark! 

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  1. The hat is just lovely!! And I like the backpack too, I've never been to a festival before, really need to experience it I think! Xxx


    1. This will be my first festival, I can't wait! x


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