Gift Idea : Personalised Baby Blanket

You may have noticed that my blog has been lacking in posts lately. I am sorry about this and am afraid it may be like this for a little while yet. I am going on a hen weekend to Butlins next weekend and my evenings are pretty much being filled up with organising things for that. Normal service will resume soon!

I've got a slightly different post than normal today, and I think I will share this type of post more often as I am quite renowned for my gift giving skills.

I started a tradition a few years back when my friend had her first baby, I gave her a personalised fleecy blanket. It has now got to the stage that people expect to receive one of these blankets from me.

This blanket came with a cute little teddy bear rattle and was beautifully packaged. The listing shows the only customisation as the name, but I asked for the date of birth to be included to and it wasn't a problem at all, I think they are pretty flexible with the customisation. The blanket arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The photos were taken straight after opening and therefore show exactly how it arrived.

I bought the blanket from this eBay listing for £12.99 + £3 P&P. The seller has a wide variety of personalised blankets and there are also plenty of others available on eBay.

Is there a gift that people have come to expect from you? What do you tend to buy for newborns?


  1. Friends have come to expect me to knit something, like booties.. I'm pretty sure by the time I have my own babies I'll be fed up of knitting things for little ones..! The personalised blanket is a cute idea. Hx

    1. Its times like this that I wish I could knit, it would be so lovely to give a handmade gift. Then again my friends wouldn't be happy if they didn't get a blanket now lol x

  2. Very cute blanket such a great gift idea


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