Review : The Great British Florist

I jumped at the chance to review some flowers from The Great British Florist, Spencer never buys me flowers so this was a real treat. I was given a voucher for £40 to spend, I opted for the bouquet of the month as it costs exactly £40 and I quite liked the surprise element of it. 

Next day delivery is free as standard, except Saturdays, this costs an extra £6. 

I ordered the flowers to my address automatically, as soon as the order went through I realised that I'd made a boo boo and that no one would be in my house to accept them. I called them straight away and changed the address to my sister's, this wasn't a problem at all and the lady that I spoke too was very friendly.

I checked my emails at lunchtime the day that they were due to arrive and found that they had been trying to contact me as delivery had been refused. I called them straight away and was informed that a lady had answered and refused delivery, I told them that the courier must be at the wrong house. They attempted delivery again and the same thing happened. The third time they managed to deliver the flowers to the correct address! The label on the box read number 15, I'm not sure where this came from as neither myself or sister live in no. 15. The delivery note inside the box had the correct house number, I'm not sure if this was an error by Great British Florist or by the courier.

The one thing that I can say about this error is that it showcased just how good the customer service at The Great British Florist is, they kept me updated by email as my phone was switched off. They also took my sister's phone number so that they could contact her if needed - they sure made sure that those flowers were delivered that day! 

The flowers are gorgeous, they arrived in a huge cardboard box and were wrapped up beautifully, I didn't want to take the packaging off and actually tied part of it around my vase as it looked so nice.

The bouquet is so vibrant & colourful and contains a variety of flowers. It is almost a week old now and there are still new flowers opening up, I have a feeling this will be sticking around for a few weeks yet!

The great thing about online florists such as The Great British Florist is that you can order flowers for someone pretty much anywhere in the UK and they will receive them the next day.


  1. These flowers are lovely. Ben never buys me flowers either. Think I'd be suspicious if he did now :P

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

    1. I know how you feel! In Spencer's defense when I was younger I always said flowers were a waste of money and I'd prefer chocolate or clothes. Now that I'm getting more 'mature' I would appreciate a nice bunch of flowers now & again but he always reminds me of when I used to say that! x

  2. such gorgeous flowers http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/


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