Week in Photos #118

I've been loving wearing my Benefit Hello Flawless foundation recently, this British heatwave means that I don't want heavy make-up on and this foundation is brilliant, it doesn't feel as if I'm wearing anything. 

We had a BBQ for tea on Monday, I find dining outside really helps me to forget everything and relax.
I made chicken with soy sauce, lemon juice and Chinese five spice again, we had it with noodles this time.
Meatballs and spaghetti, yum.

The weekend means big breakfasts. Yesterday I had scrambled egg, turkey rashers and tomatoes. Today I had a huge tomato omelette.
Yummy lunch in work on Friday.
I had some rather yummy strawberries from the plants in our garden earlier on today.

Magnum chocolates are quite yummy.
Salmon and new potatoes with butter and herbs.
We bought a Tesco Finest meal deal which was delicious. It costs £10 and you get a main, side, pudding and a bottle of wine or two bottles of soft drinks.

Kitty and Flick wanted to say hi.
I receive one of these leaflets practically every Saturday. It really annoys me as it is such a waste because they get thrown straight out. I also don't like people who try and push their religious views onto me.
Yesterday I worked on a stall at the Carnival for my work. We had a ring toss game which went down quite well, it was a fun day but we were so hot and bothered by the end that we couldn't wait to get home.

We just had a delicious Chinese. I tried to be a little healthier than normal as I have a Bridesmaid dress to fit into on Saturday, I couldn't say no altogether as I'm far too weak. I had Wonton soup to start which is something I've never tried before and will definitely be getting again - amazing! For my main I had chicken with ginger & spring onions and stir fry veg, again both were delicious.

We've opened my posh soup from the JolieBox that I received at CDFMeet.
I love leaving my hair to dry naturally in the sun.
My friend came over on Friday so that she could model new Sleep in Rollers Emergency Curly Blow Kit*, review coming soon! 
My bag from Victoria's giveaway arrived - I love it! 


  1. I've been wearing Hello Flawless recently too, it's lasting very well in the heat... new love! x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

    1. It has amazing staying power in the heat, I'll be running out soon! x

  2. Aww your food all looks so good! And that bag is so cute!

    Daisy Dayz

    1. The bag has become my new favourite :) x

  3. that food looks sooooooooooo good


  4. I have the Benefit foundation, its really good isn't it! I think it covers well but is so light. Win win for me! Soy chicken looks so good as well! xx

    1. It is great, I feel like I'm not wearing any make-up which is exactly what I want in this weather. x

  5. Your food photos are always so good... now I'm hungry! x

    1. Compiling these posts always makes me hungry :) x

  6. your hair is soooo long now!! looking lovely x

    1. Thanks Gem, it is growing at a crazy speed! x


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