Cardiff Benefayre

Today I headed along to Cardiff to attend Benefayre for some fun and games in the aid of Refuge Charity. If you haven't heard of Refuge they are a fantastic charity who provide help and emergency accommodation to women and children suffering domestic abuse. Did you know that two women a week are killed by a current or former partner and that thirty women per day attempt suicide as a result of domestic violence? I didn't. 

Benefit often raise money for Refuge, I've given donations in the past when having my eyebrows waxed by them and am always happy to do so as it is such a great charity. Benefayre is an event run by Benefit purely to raise money for Refuge. Despite raising money for such a serious cause they managed to turn it into a real fun day. From the fake grass to the bunting and vintage themed stalls everything was just perfect and exactly what I have come to expect from Benefit. 

We knocked down some bottles of Hello Flawless, threw hoops over giant mascara wands, shot some lemons and picked up some ducks with a long pole! They even had a pretty candy cart, face painting and make-overs. There really was something for everyone.

I met up with fellow bloggers Amy, Stacey, Kelsie and Laura (who by the way are all absolutely lovely, if you don't already follow their blogs/twitter go follow!).

I'll be honest, I was absolutely useless at all of the games, but, as they say "it is the taking part that counts". I really agreed with that quote today as despite only managing to scoop myself one prize (apparently throwing bottles at foundation is where I'm skilled!) I still had so much fun.

In typical blogger style we couldn't wait to hog the photobooth! 

Well done Benefit for putting on such a fantastic event all in the aid of a great charity. I'm considering going along again tomorrow! 

To find out more about Refuge or to make a donation visit their website here.


  1. This looks like such a great little event, wish things like this happened near where i live! You all look lovely x

    1. Thank you Zoe :)
      It was amazing, I'm lucky enough to be a half hour train journey away from Cardiff which means I can get to things like this :) x

  2. I love this! I had a lovely time, I was buzzing all day haha. Everyone in work also loved my balloon hehe xx

    1. Thank you :)
      I love that you did actually take your balloon to work haha! It was so awesome :) Had a fab time with you guys. x

  3. I love that Benefit support this charity! It is such a worth cause and it looked like you had a really nice day! xx

    1. It is such a great cause and they made it an amazing day for all involved. x


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