Recipe & Mini Review : Pink Lemonade & Ozeri Tumblers

Yesterday I randomly decided that I would make some pink lemonade. We were doing our weekly shop anyway so I just had to add a few extra items into the trolley. This is super easy to make and it is strangely satisfying to have made your own lemonade.

You will need: 
300g Caster Sugar
2 lemons (1 and a half for the lemonade, half for decoration)
1 orange
450g raspberries
350ml cold water
Soda/sparkling/still water - personal preference

Slice up your oranges and lemons, you can leave the skin on as you will be sieving the juice out.
Put the sugar, sliced lemons, sliced orange and raspberries into a saucepan, pour the 350ml of cold water over them.

Bring to the boil, stirring often.

Pour through a sieve, pressing down to extract all of the juices.

Pour into a jug and add your soda/sparkling/still water when cooled (try not to make as much of a mess as I did!). As mentioned in the ingredients this water is personal preference and depends on how strong/fizzy you want your lemonade. I added a whole bottle of soda water to mine.

Add ice cubes and the remaining half a lemon (sliced).

Serve and enjoy :) This can be kept in the fridge for a week.

By the way, how cool are my new tumblers*? Ozeri have started selling a limited line of their products on Amazon, when I was asked to pick an item to feature on my blog I could not resist these double wall tumblers. Not only does the double wall look pretty cool but it also serves a purpose, it will keep your hands cool with hot drinks and free of condensation with chilled drinks.

I posted a photo of them on Instagram and facebook and I had a lot of people asking about them, they really are a great talking point. The tumblers are handmade with a shatter resistant borosilicate glass which is stronger and more durable than normal glass. They come with a one year warranty and are dishwasher safe which is always a bonus, I hate washing things by hand! 

These glasses will definitely be coming out when we have people over, probably for shorts. If I had a fancy coffee machine I would  be using these for coffee too, I don't think a cup of instant Nescafe will have quite the same affect! 

The set of tumblers are currently reduced to £24.95 and can be purchased here.


  1. This is so cool, I never thought about making me own pink lemonade! Gives me ideas for wedding stuff...

    Cute glasses too! xxx

    Hips Like Cinderella

    1. This would be a great idea at the Wedding! You could make batches of pink and batches of normal. x

  2. This looks amazing! I really like the recipe and the way you have presented it in the glasses. And it doesn't look too difficult to do, which usually puts me off about recipes.

    Miss Stylicious

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment :) It wasn't difficult at all, I would really recommend following this if you don't like things that are too difficult x

  3. I need to give this a go I love pink Lemonade with the water does it fizz with whatever type you choose to use?

    1. I think if you wanted it fizzy sparkling water would be the best, mine went a little fizzy with soda but not a lot. Still water would be more like a squash. x

  4. Need to make this! & love the glasses!

    1. The glasses are amazing :) I hope you enjoy it if you have a go. x


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