A Date With Denim : The 3D Body Scanner & The Style Team

As mentioned here Cwmbran shopping held a free event which included a 3D body scan and style advice. I nervously went along for my scan on Saturday.

When you book the scan you are told to wear light underwear and no jewellery, I forgot about this and wore my Engagement ring, Wedding ring, Pandora bracelet and friendship bracelet. This didn't seem to affect my scan and nothing was said to me.

You are shown where and in what position you need to stand and then left alone to get down to your undies behind the curtain. Once you are ready you need to step into the booth and let them know to start the scan. Not a lot happens when you are in the scanner, an American voice speaks to you and you hear a lot of whirring noises. 

Once you are out of the scan and back in your clothes you are handed your print outs, there is a reason I've covered mine up, showing it would be practically posting a naked photo of myself on my blog and no one wants to see that! 

The scan shows the measurements of practically every part of your body, down to your ankles. I was also given a sheet stating my size in the retailers of Cwmbran. This is where the scan failed for me. I tend to wear between a 14-16, the scan shows me as ranging from a size 14 to a size 20. I queried this and was told that as well as being based on tight fitting clothing with no room for movement the scan doesn't take into account the fact that bits of us wobble and move, it assumes that every part of us is solid. If I was told this beforehand I probably would have breathed in while in the scan. Never mind.

To find the shop that suits you best you want just one size in the skirts/trousers section, theoretically I should be able to get a real good fitting pair of trousers from House of Fraser. Looking at this I can see why I find it so difficult to get a decent fit in trousers.

After being handed my horrid print out I was taken to the side and told what body shape I am and what clothes I should wear. This bit I really did like. I am a triangle shape as my bottom half is a lot bigger than my top half. As a result statement necklaces, tops with embellishments on the sleeves and cap sleeves are my friends.

There were a few retailers there including New Look, Matalan, Primark, Peacocks and hair and make-up stalls. I spoke to the girls from Primark for a while, they were so lovely! One of those had her scan and was told she needed to buy size 14 jeans in most stores, she was wearing a size 8 pair! 

I fell in love with the first pictured top from New Look and a lot of Primark's new offerings.

After all of this I went to one of Wenda's talks. Wenda James Rowe of The Style Team is the Welsh, female Gok Wan, she is so bubbly and really makes you feel at ease. Wenda gave us advice on building a capsule wardrobe and helped us to find our style personality. I'm a bit all over the place coming in strongly with dramatic and romantic while having a little bit of everything else thrown in. Spencer played along with the men's version of the quiz and came out as City Chic, think Bond, though he feels he is more of a Natural, think Jude Law.

Unfortunately I couldn't make it along to Wenda's colour talk which is a shame as I would love to hear which colours I should be wearing. She did touch on colours slightly in our talk, did you know that navy, teal and Cadbury purple are colours that really suit everyone? I didn't.

Me & Wenda of The Style Team.

All in all I had a great day, the scan wasn't the best but everything else was so much fun and really informative. It is great that the local shopping centre put events like this on, I hope that there are more fun events to come! 

You can read more about The Style Team and the services that they offer here.


  1. This sounds like it was a really good and quite informative event! Shame about the scans though, they seemed like such a good idea if only they worked a bit better.

    zozeze.com x

    1. It was a great event, I just wish the scan had worked better! Other than that it was a really good day. x

  2. It looks good!! I spotted some things I like :)


    Style and Paper

  3. Hello Leanne!

    I just nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award. Would love if you did it, but no pressure!



  4. This look interesting strange how the scanner said you were between a 14-20!! I love your pretty dress by the way xx

    1. Very strange indeed, I always knew I had an awkward figure haha!
      Thanks Lisa :) x

  5. I love the idea of the body shape bit but if there getting clothes sizes wrong I think it would make some people feel self conscious.

    1. The body shape bit was brilliant.
      I could see how the sizing could upset people, thankfully they do explain that it does size up. x

  6. The scan was useless! Didn't get anything from it at all! You made me laugh saying it is like posting a naked picture of yourself! It totally isn't! Hahaha! The talk was really informative though! Great afternoon x

    1. It was a little disappointing!
      If you could see the lumps and bumps on my scan you'd know why I feel like that, yours is probably all flat haha!
      The talk was fab! x

  7. The scan sounds so cool! I always struggle to find what suits me

    1. It was great to have a bit of advice on what to wear. x


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