A Few of My Favourite Things...September

September was quite an exciting month, mainly because of my new kitten Bob. He isn't ours just yet, despite the fact that he is currently chilling next to me on the sofa, we should be getting him this weekend but he likes to spend an evening over now and again to get acquainted.

It hasn't all been about cute, fluffy kittens. I've had fun with fellow bloggers at The White Company launch and a Benefit event.

Another pretty awesome September moment was winning £40 Feel Unique vouchers from Cherry Sue's blog, thank you so much! I'm considering putting it towards a nice perfume but am not sure which one, any recommendations?

Thanks also go to Kendra for passing on the Liebster award to me and to Lauren for tagging me in the Autumn tag, I've already completed that tag and you can view my answers here.

I'm quite behind on reading blogs so unfortunately don't have many recommendations and the two that I do have are about cute cats, can't you tell I've been pre-occupied?

I adore the cat jumper in Hayley's wishlist and pretty much everything in Ellie's cat list!


  1. Very nice blog!!! follow each other on GFC?

  2. Some picks are just fab :) <3 You do have a gorgeous blog btw girl <3 Following you via GFC, would love if you visit my blog and if you like can follow me too :-)


  3. Aww good luck with your new kitten! Looking forward to hearing stories about him x

    1. I think we'll be needing all the luck, he is a little bugger haha! I'm sure there will be plenty of stories! x


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