Week in Photos #127

I'm absolutely loving my new wallpaper and the finished cats feeding area. I will be posting in more detail about both projects soon.

I joined in with the IOS7 screen shot. I'm really loving the update now that I've changed my background, the colours were so ugly with my previous background.

We went to the Christening of a good friend's daughter today, it was such a lovely day. I did end up breaking my Slimming World diet, buffets really aren't a slimmer's friend! 

Some of my delicious Slimming World meals and treats this week. For more info on these dishes visit my Instagram.

The alcohol ban failed before it really started, I had a few drinks yesterday :-/ I did stick to vodka and soda water, after the first two flavoured ciders... Not holding out much hope for weight loss this week either which is annoying, I've worked out that if I loose 2lb a week I will be 2 stone lighter by Christmas. 

How lush is my new kitten complete with thumbs? We will be getting him/her (still not sure of sex) in two weeks. We are both so excited now! 

I organised a family BBQ for my works and yesterday was the day. Thankfully all the planning paid off and we had a fantastic day finished off nicely with drunken plays on games left behind by the children.


  1. The cat feeding area is SO cute and such a good idea.
    Your new kitten is adorable!! Does he or she have a name yet?

    Hannah x

    1. Thank you re the cat feeding area, I have brainwaves now and again haha!
      We're not sure if the kitten is a boy or a girl yet. I like Bob for a boy and probably Bobbi for a girl as we've already mentioned Bob to my niece! x

  2. love all the photos - your kitten is so cute! xx

  3. Your food looks great for the week, I've been thinking about switching from WW to SW and may do it now...


    1. Good luck if you do make the switch, I really am finding SW so easy to do, I don't feel like I'm on a diet! x

  4. Buffets are the best and the worst.


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