Week in Photos #131

Our living room makeover is almost complete, it is finally starting to look how I want it! I didn't realise Spencer was in this photo until I put it on the computer, whoops! 

Bob is still the cutest thing ever.

I put weight on for the first time since starting Slimming World, wasn't a surprise after the naughty week. I'm not holding out much hope for tomorrow's weigh as I'm sat here hungover with the biscuit tin next to me ; This very blurry photo is the only one I have from last night, a lot of alcohol was consumed ; I put washi tape over the battery package on my lights so that it doesn't look as offensive ; I made Slimming World crisps today which were yummy, I just sliced potatoes thinly and popped them in the microwave with fry light. 

Some delicious food this last week. 

I went to Cardiff meet yesterday which I will post about soon. We met at the most amazing venue, I want to move in! I had a naughty burger for my lunch. Today we went to Table Table where I had a roast dinner (not too bad) followed by a very bad chocolate brownie and custard! 


  1. I love how cute your cats are :) http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  2. Bob is the cutest thing ever! I'm sad to have missed the Cardiff meet-up, I'll definitely have to put my name down for the next one! Question about the homemade crisps- I was thinking of trying something similar for Weight Watchers, but do they actually crisp up or are they slightly soggy?

    Nat x

    1. He is adorable :)
      It is a shame that you missed it, we had a great day! I hope to see you at the next one.
      The crisps went lovely, just like real crisps and not soggy at all, you should definitely try them. x

  3. Lovely pictures! Love the colour of the room! :)

  4. Love your living room and I want to cuddle Bob! :-) xx



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