Review : Carmex Moisture Plus - Pink Sheer Tint Carmex

 Carmex Moisture Plus Pink Sheer Tint £4.49*

Moisturising lip balms with a sleek dash of style, from our satiny clear gloss to just-right sheer colours that also add Vitamin E, shea butter and sun protection.

As I've mentioned previously I am a lip balm lover who is especially fond of lip balms with a hint of colour. 

Sheer Pink isn't usually a colour that I would go for, yet this had me pleasantly surprised. It is lighter than my natural lips but I think it looks quite nice for day time wear. 

As expected from Carmex this moisturises the lips nicely. It tingles slightly on application which I quite like, the tingling sensation is over quickly. 

Carmex Moisture Plus is available in outlets throughout the UK including Boots, Superdrug, Topshop, John Lewis, Primark and Urban Outfitters


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