Review : eBay Hair Chalks - 24 Colour Set

I bought these hair chalks quite a while ago and completely forgot to review them, I took the photos ages ago which is why my hair is so long. I've seen a few people talking about hair chalks lately which reminded me to dig these photos out. 

The packaging is useless, just some foam with bits cut out and another piece of foam to pop on top, it fits nicely into the average beauty box which is a lot more secure.

These are very, very messy. I recommend using gloves during application and only using them when you know you will be wearing dark clothing.

I used the hair chalks on the bleached ends of my hair, the purple and pinks went in lovely and didn't cause any problems at all. I did find that for some reason the other colours left my hair feeling very knotted and dry, I'm not sure if this is because the bleached hair wasn't in the best of conditions. The hair felt so awful it needed brushing, once brushed the majority of the colours came out which is a shame because the rainbow effect did look great! 

The pink colours have a tendency to hang around for a little while, even after three washes I still had a tint of pink but after the first wash it was so faint no one noticed unless I pointed it out so I wouldn't worry too much about this, I just found it quite odd that some colours clung to my hair and others just didn't want to stick. 

These are great way to go a little colour crazy on weekends only without breaking the bank.

I recommend using a deep conditioning treatment on your hair before using these for a smoother application.

I bought mine here for £5.90, they all come in a set of 12 which costs £4.70.

This is probably really cruel, I am now looking at my cat wondering how she would look with pink bits of fur...


  1. I've always wanted to try these :)

    1. You should get some, such a bargain :) x

  2. You hair looks so beautiful. If only I had lighter hair so I could play with some of these :(



    1. Thank you, things like this are why I love my little blonde bits! X

  3. These sound like a lot of fun and look great on your hair! That's weird that only some colours worked though.

    Hannah x

    1. It is odd how the different colours work completely differently! x


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