Christmas Gift Idea : CLEO B Travel Card Holder

The lovely people at CLEO B contacted me a little while ago stating that they would like to send me a Christmas present. I did a little squeal, sent them my address and waited with excitement because I love their site.

A few days later this cute Christmas card arrived along with a gorgeous pink robot design travel card holder*. These card holders are super good quality, 100% leather and not too badly priced at just £12.

There are four design options, all of which are a collaborative project between CLEO B and artist Sam Kirk. 

I did a little 'awr' when I read my card. It is always so sweet when firms actually read your blog. Thank you so much team CLEO B, I will definitely use this on my future London trips and also to keep my bank cards/ID safe on a night out.

The travel card holders come in a choice of five colours and four designs, they can be purchased here for £12. Order by 12pm on Friday 20th December for guaranteed Christmas delivery.


  1. oooh that is such a cute card holder! love the little robot! xo


  2. such a lovely card holder I want one lol :) http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/


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