Christmas : Gift Idea for the One Direction Fans - Under £20

I always buy a small present for my cousin's two children, now that her daughter is getting older the presents are getting more exciting. She is a huge fan of One Direction and has got to the age where she loves to experiment with make-up. When I saw that 1D had released their make-up range I knew exactly what to get her, a mini Louis themed make-up collection - Louis is her favourite! 

I then took to Amazon to find something to put the make-up in, I was drawn to this personalised pencil case/make-up bag because the boys look so hot on here! (don't tut, they are of age now!). The make-up bag cost £8.99 including personalisation. I requested a heart at the end of her name for a cute little touch which the seller happily did.

You can purchase the 1D make-up collection from Superdrug here.
You can purchase the personalised make-up bag/pencil case here.

I think this is a lovely little gift and not too badly priced at £17.49 all in, it is perfect for both younger girls and those older girls like me who have a little soft spot for the younger lads! 


  1. Ohhh!! I already have the make up for my eldest daughter....She's 11 and loves 1D! but I haven't seen the personalised make-up bag before....Great idea!!

    1. I'm hoping Abbie will think it is a great idea :) x


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