Recipe : Slimming World Ferrero Rocher

I don't know about you but for me Ferrero Rocher is a much needed Christmas treat. The good news is that even on a diet you don't have to go without, you can just make them yourself, saving not only the pounds gained on your waist but also the pounds spent in your purse! These are so easy to make and taste pretty much the same as Ferrero Rocher. I took a few into work and have actually had a request to make more for our last day before Christmas!

recipe for low syn slimming world ferrero rochers made with weetabix

ingredients to make low syn slimming world ferrero rochers

You will need :

Three Weetabix
Five level table spoons of Nutella
One Options hot chocolate (flavour of your choice) for dusting.
Anything else you fancy - such as desiccated coconut.

step by step recipe for low syn slimming world ferrero rocher

Mix your Weetabix and Nutella together, or throw it all in the food processor like I did.

slimming world ferrero rocher easy recipe

Roll your mixture up into Ferrero Rocher sized balls and then roll in the hot chocolate. The mixture can be quite sticky so it is worthwhile dusting your hands with hot chocolate before rolling each ball.

two different varieties of slimming world ferrero rocher white chocolate and milk chocolate

Place into mini cake cases and leave to stand in the fridge for at least one hour. It really is that simple!

I made one batch rolled in hazelnut hot chocolate and another in white hot chocolate mixed with desiccated coconut. I have a mint hot chocolate and a orange hot chocolate ready for my next batches.

This makes approximately 16 Ferrero Rochers at just under 2 Syns each if not using the Weetabix as your Healthy B choice. A shop bought Ferrero Rocher has a Syn value of 3.5 so you could eat quite a few more of these without feeling too guilty. 

Three Weetabix = 9 Syns
Five Table spoons of Nutella = 20 Syns
Options hot chocolate = 1 Syn (the sachet is 2 Syns but I used less than half of it)

Total of 30 Syns for 16 Ferrero Rochers = 1.875, which means you realistically should count them as 2 Syns each. 1.875 x 8 = 15 so you could actually sit down and eat 8 in a go if you don't have any other Syns that day! 

Don't forget if you are adding anything to these, such as desiccated coconut, you will need to increase the Syn value. 

All Syns are estimates.


  1. such a fab recipe will have to give this a go :) http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

    1. I love these especially with coconut on them x

    2. I love these especially with coconut on them x

  2. They look yummy! great recipe.


  3. Amazing! I'm putting these on my list of things to make x

  4. You and your food posts Leanne! I'll send this across to my Mum, she's lost so much down to Slimming World, it's incredible! In fact I may even make a batch for Christmas myself, love a bit of Nutella ;)

    Lucy xx | Lucyy Writes

    1. I hope your mam enjoys them (and you if you make them!) x

  5. omg this looks really easy to make but it'll be a great crowd pleaser at parties! I should totally try this out next time!

    Check out my new blog on contemporary designs by VVHATIF:)
    RASSP blog

    1. They are ridiculously easy to make and keep people very happy! x

  6. Could the Nutella be replaced with Cadbury Philadelphia? Would this make less syns? Janice or Borehamwood SW.

    1. I'm sure it would work just as well with the Cadbury Philadelphia. I'm not sure of the Syn value for the Philly so can't say if it would be more or less Syns sorry.

  7. This looks great. Will definitely have to try this recipe!

    M xx

    The CSI Girls

  8. Where can I buy the Ferrero rocher pyramid or circular stand?


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