2014 : The Year of Organisation

Spencer and I never tend to make New Year's Resolutions, if we want to change something we attempt to make that change as and when we want to, whatever time of the year it is. We're also really lazy and not motivated enough to stick to things. 

There are things that I would like to happen this year, in an ideal world this year we will buy a bigger house and get pregnant or at least have started trying for a baby but these things aren't just my decision and are affected greatly by the circumstances that surround us, as a result I will not and cannot make a promise that I will do these things in 2014.

There is one thing that I am hoping to change this year. The organisation of my house and myself. I mentioned above that we are lazy, and we really are. Our house isn't very neat or organised at all. We have far too many belongings for a two bedroom terraced house and certainly don't make the best of the limited storage that we have. 

I've started forgetting people's birthdays, I used to be so good and always send friends a card in the post, the past year I tended to send it on the day of their birthday when I saw it on facebook, this year I will get back into good habits and send cards so that people receive them on or before their actual birthday. My plan to resolve this issue is to make sure that I write all the important dates on my new calendar (when it arrives) and check it at the beginning of every week. You may be thinking my lack of calendar on the 11th day of the year isn't very organised at all, there is a reason for this. Spencer doesn't like to buy a calendar before Christmas in case someone buys us one, which is fair enough. I then fell in love with this Grumpy Cat calendar and have to wait for it to be shipped from the US. There were some available in the UK but they were charging ridiculous prices so I'd prefer to just wait. 

I also plan to finish things, I am terrible for buying something and then just never doing anything with it. A fine example of this is the clock that we have had in our kitchen pretty much since we moved in which was around five years ago. It is a lovely clock that you can insert photos into. The photos are odd sizes and I didn't know how to print them out so just left it unless we happened to receive a small photo that would fit. I've so far filled three of the twelve photos. 

We've already made a start on the organisation, I then got ill so we haven't finished properly but we will. Firstly I found a website called Odd Prints who specialise in printing odd size photos, I've ordered a further nine photos to finally fill my lovely clock. 

We've bought another Helmer that will sit next to my dressing table and hold my products to review and excess products. I will also store my empty products in here before I photograph and throw them away so that they aren't creating a mess. 

We also bought some cupboard dividers. We saw these while in IKEA and couldn't resist. Our kitchen is seriously lacking in cupboard space so hopefully these will make a big improvement. I bought one in each size to go on with as I'm not sure exactly how many I will need. I will have a play with these and then purchase any more that I need.

We also bought a Bobby bookshelf from IKEA in an effort to organise the spare bedroom a little more. I need to buy another shelf to go in there and some storage boxes and that will be sorted, the room looks a lot better already.

Another unrelated thing I've done this year which is worth mentioning is rung my mobile phone provider to see if they have a cheaper tariff available. I've gone from £47 a month to £27 and am actually getting more than I originally had.

I will keep you updated on my 2014 organisation, hopefully updating you guys will spur us on to actually do this! Are you making any changes in 2014?

Edit. Quite a few people have commented on the clock. I originally bought it from John Lewis who don't appear to stock it any more but it is available on eBay here for less than £10.


  1. Hooray for organisation! Those cupboard divider things are such a good idea!
    Good luck :)

    Jess xo

    1. Hooray indeed, I'm looking forward to being more organised! x

  2. I try to stay organized but never normally lasts long! Mainly letters, but I do have moments when I go through the whole house lol x

    1. I too tend to go through phases with organisation, I will stick to it this time though! x

  3. Organisation is big one for us we have started moving things around and making our place look much more tidier

    1. It is so satisfying isn't it! Good luck keeping it up :) x

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you :) It looks even better now I've got around to putting photos in it! x

  5. That clock is ssensational! Thanks for your kind words x


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