Candy Kittens are coming to Cardiff

Being quite the fan of Jamie from Made In Chelsea I was pretty excited when an email landed in my inbox informing me that there will be a Candy Kittens Pop-up shop in Cardiff this weekend, then imagine my disappointment when I realised that I am away this weekend so can't make it.

I'm hoping that a few of my readers will be able to go along so that they can tell me all about it, so here are the details :

What : Candy Kittens pop-up shop showcasing the range of fashionable candy and clothing
Who : Jamie Laing and the Candy Kittens Team
Where : 26 Royal Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF
When : 10am - 6:30pm Friday 24th & Saturday 25th January and 12pm - 5pm Sunday 26th January

Photos taken from Candy Kittens website/twitter.


  1. Oh my goodness, I work in Cardiff and am so going to have to go! I love Made in Chelsea!! :) Just came across your blog, nice to find another Welshie x

    1. So jealous that you can go! Have a great time and please tweet me photos?!
      I love finding Welshies :) There are a whole load of us on the South Wales bloggers facebook page :) x


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