M&S Party Food

You may or may not have seen the Marks & Spencer party food adverts over the festive period. I saw it just before New Year's Eve and it was such a good offer that I decided M&S would be where we purchased some items to take to the party that we were attending. 

We bought three items from their party food range totalling £16 and received a free bottle of our choice, I picked the Rose Cava priced at £7.99. 

As far as I am aware this offer is no longer running, I just wanted to post it so that people know to keep their eyes peeled for similar offers, M&S always tend to have great deals on their food, you can view the current deals here.

All of the food was delicious, as you would expect, and I thoroughly enjoyed my Cava.


  1. I had some of the rose cava for new years too! All I remember though is swigging it from the bottle once the clock chimed twelve and then spitting it all over a friend because it had foamed too much in my mouth haha! Oh dear! It was a great new years, hope you enjoyed yours x

    1. LOL sounds like you had an amazing NYE haha xx

  2. MmMmMmmm cava. No, Catherine, no more drinking fizzy alcohol!


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