Summer is Coming : Swimwear Wishlist

With holiday season fast approaching it is time to start thinking about swimwear, yes I know, the thought scares me too! I don’t know about you but I prefer to try my swimwear on in my own home, those small shop changing rooms can be a little claustrophobic when it comes to trying on something so tight.

Zoggs have a great range of women’s swimwear which is available to order to your home and comes with a fourteen day returns guarantee policy. Their website is great to use with plenty of filter options including body shape, size and features.

These are a few of my favourite swimwear items from Zoggs. I’ve always worn bikinis in the past but am actually quite fancying a full costume for a change. They have changed a lot since the last time I owned one which was probably over ten years ago now! They come in such a wide range of flattering styles and have fantastic options available such as padding and underwire.

Do you prefer a costume or a bikini? Have you booked your 2014 Summer holiday?

Visit www.zoggs.com.

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  1. Oh good grief, the thought of beach season is filling me with dread. I think I need to put down this packet of biscuits! I do love a one piece and these are lovely - I really like the one with polka dot detail.

    1. It fills me with dread too, hence why I've had such a good week on SW this week!
      The polka dot is my fave, so pretty. x


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