Week in Photos #142

Some naughty food, some not so naughty. 

Today started with double chocolate hot cross buns and coffee in bed. We then had a lovely brunch and an amazing tea. Not the most Slimming World friendly day today but tomorrow I start back properly.

Keeping in with organised 2014 I've had a productive weekend. I've re-arranged my spare bedroom to make a nice open space for blogging photos, made scan bran cakes, planned meals for the week and even gone as far to make some in advance, made my lunches for the next two days.

Talking of organised 2014 look at the picture that the awesome Emily of Jammy and Jelly drew of me and my resolution! Its pretty cool isn't it? She has drawn loads, check out her blog to see them.

This morning I hit 1000 Twitter followers, this is a huge deal to me and I am so grateful to everyone that puts up with my boring/moany tweets! 

Coming up on A Slice of My Life next week... OOTD, his & her's Primark haul, organised 2014 projects, Slimming World in a nutshell and a lifestyle tip.


  1. can't cope with all these food pictures! my mouth is seriously watering. Congratulations on 1000 twitter followers, that's amazing x

    1. haha! This isn't even all of it, my battery was dead when we went for a meal at the weekend so I didn't get any photos of that :(
      Thanks on the congrats, so happy! xx

  2. All of that food is making me hungry! Congratulations on the twitter followers :)

    Hannah x

    1. Thanks :)
      I like to make sure that I have a full stomach when sorting the photos for this post! x


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