DIY Gift Idea : Personalised Chocolate Bars

On the hunt for my lovely hubby's Valentine's Day presents I came across personalised chocolate bars, one to share, one for him and one for me. For obvious reasons I really liked this idea, a gift that gives back to me - yes please, but I didn't like the hefty £16 price tag so I decided to make the personalised wrappers myself.

I bought three Galaxy bars from Wilkinson's where they cost £1 each, a whopping saving of £13 + P&P on buying the ready personalised bars on-line. The chocolate in the on-line version was quite fancy but I personally think you can't beat a good Galaxy. 

I'm not really any good with designing things on the computer and had no idea where to start, so I decided not to start at the computer. I went onto my phone and used the A Beautiful Mess app to add doodles, borders and text to a plain white background. I saved them to my phone which sent them to my computer's photo stream, changed the size of them slightly and then printed them onto A4. Once printed I just had to cut to size and switch the Galaxy wrappers for my new, personalised wrappers. 

This was possibly the easiest DIY gift that I have ever done but I think they look great and I get to eat some of Spencer's chocolate - win, win.


  1. Great idea and I love that you can choose your own chocolate - my fave is Galaxy Caramel! :)

    1. I love Galaxy Caramel too, Spencer wasn't happy though as I picked cookie crumble for myself haha x


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