Review : Sage by Heston Blumenthal Smart Fryer - My YouTube Debut

I wasn't going to share this on here but I figured that I may as well, it may interest some of you.

A while back I was lucky enough to win the Sage By Heston Blumenthal Smart Fryer via ao.com's Twitter. At the time of entering the competition I didn't realise that the winner had to do a video review of the fryer (I really must start checking T&Cs!) and I'll admit, I probably wouldn't of entered if I had known this. When I realised I panicked, stressed, panicked and then stressed a whole lot more when it came to editing the video, which I haven't done very well at all! 

I realise that I've not sold my review very well here, but if any of you are interested in watching it you can do so below or on YouTube here.

P.S. I am fully aware that I sound like a Welsh idiot! 

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