Week in Photos #148

Lamb, Smash & Veg || KFC, oh so bad but oh so good || Salmon Encroute, potatoes & spinach || Saturday morning hangover breakfast - eggs, milk, butter & spinach

Bowling shoes (I wore flat leopard print boots so didn't have to wear their shoes) || I'm such a lad || Selfie || Drunk Kermit

A group of us went bowling on Friday evening for one of the boys birthday's. Quite a few of the boys won teddies including my hubby who managed to win me a Kermit, a very naughty Kermit who was later found drinking my Desperados! 

I spent yesterday crafting and baking in readiness for my niece & nephew's joint Barney/Little Mermaid themed Birthday party today || I ate Welsh cakes because it was St David's day and that is the law on St David' day in Wales, or at least in my house! || I also went to a small nail art course at a local salon, I need quite a bit of practice but learnt some new techniques. 

I'm loving how light it now is when I finish work at 5:30pm, Spring is on its way! || Lovely new Owl goodies from the bookman in work || #TryTotal goodies || Competition win, I cannot wait to try the twice fried chips! 

Bob had a mini outdoors adventure yesterday, Flick, Kitty and I all kept him company || Cute card from Marks and Spencer and even cuter wrapping paper from The Card Factory for my niece's birthday. 


  1. looks like you had a busy week! love the owl cup soooooo much :)
    my husband does the triple cooked chips by blumguy (as I call him!) and they are amazing... but it's a lot of work. xx

    1. It was very busy, I'm shattered now and cannot wait for a quiet weekend.
      I had a read through the instructions and it does sound like there is quite a bit of work involved, hopefully they'll be worth it! x

  2. The cakes are fab and I love the wrapping paper xx

    1. Thanks, the cakes went down really well! x


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