Parknasilla Resort & Spa : The Manor Penthouse Suite

Sorry for my unexplained absence over the last couple of days. I had planned on scheduling a few posts before we went away to Ireland but unfortunately I've had a few problems with my hand and didn't want to risk overdoing things and making it worse. I've been to the Doctors today and came away with anti-inflammatory tablets and have also been to the hospital for an X-Ray. Doctor thinks its just a repetitive strain type injury but wanted to X-Ray just to be safe. I'll get my results back in a week but hopefully the tablets will kick in before then. Doctor has said to carry on like normal so I am now back to blogging. 

You may have seen a few excited tweets from me about the fact that I was lucky enough to win a trip to Kerry in Ireland. The trip included a two night stay in Parknasilla Resort & Spa, a three course evening meal one night, breakfast both mornings and a spa treatment each. Also included was a return ferry trip but the times weren't very good so we chose to forego these and book flights instead. I had intended to do one post about the whole trip but as we were lucky enough to stay in the Manor Penthouse Suite I thought the suite deserved a whole post to itself.

Those six windows right at the top of the Manor House are where we stayed.

There were delicious chocolates and a lovely handwritten note awaiting our arrival, little touches like this please me no end.

The living/dining area was perfect. We had a TV (which had my name on the screen when we arrived, how clever!), a huge selection of books, a dining table and chairs with two bottles of water, a selection of tea and coffee, a comfortable sofa and two huge windows both with amazing views. It was quite difficult to sit and watch the TV with that lovely view right next to it distracting us! 

The spacious corridor contained photos of local scenery, a chest of drawers and a small wardrobe area right at the end. You can access the bedroom, bathroom and living/dining room via the corridor, the bathroom is also accessed via the bedroom.

The luxurious bathroom is very warm and inviting with the black and white chequered tiles, deep red walls and elaborate gold frames surrounding the mirrors. There are not one, but three sinks, a large bath from which you can take in the amazing views, a large rain shower and complimentary Elemis toiletries. 

The bedroom contained a huge bed, a gorgeous dressing table, a writing desk, two bedside tables and, once again, large windows with amazing views. There was also a full size mirror on the back of the bedroom door which was great for getting ready.

The detail in all of the rooms is simply stunning, from elegant chandeliers in each room to elaborate radiators and gorgeous mahogany furniture. The views were simply breathtaking and something that I don't think I would ever tire of. There were a few small scuffs on the walls and a small chip in the toilet seat but this did not take anything away from the pleasurable stay.

Read about the food here and the resort & facilities here.


  1. Wow, absolutely gorgeous - I would never want to leave!

    Hope the hand is on the mend soon - sounds painful!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. We really didn't want to leave!

      Thanks re the hand, it is starting to feel better but I'm not sure if the tablets are just masking the pain! x

  2. Wow, this looks absolutely stunning - I'm very jealous!! x

    1. It was amazing, I'm not one to brag but you really should be jealous haha! x

  3. How luxe! Love the bathroom x


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