A Few of My Favourite Things...May 2014

I can't believe that we are in June already, maybe if the sunshine would stick around for more than one day it would be more believable...

May was a great month, mainly due to our amazing trip to Ireland, we had such a great time. In other exciting news I won Lisa's blog giveaway and I love my awesome prizes, thanks Lisa! Also, thanks Megan for tagging me in the Very Inspiring Blogger award, it really does mean a lot that you class me as an inspiring blogger! I will get my post up soon.

My most viewed post written in May was the post about our stunning Penthouse Suite in Ireland, the most commented on post in May was my Lindy Bop Ophelia dress closely followed by my Primark haul.

This month I have enjoyed reading about the reverse trend, teacup cacti (I have actually bought some cacti and teacups to attempt to re-create this), another cat cafe, social media tools for bloggers and what the Eurovision taught Zoe about blogging.

This post on Nouvelle daily also struck a cord with me, I have been considering quitting binge drinking for a while now for a number of reasons and this post has made me that little bit more tempted to give it a go.

My free advertising spots for the month of June have gone to these lovely ladies.

Leanne of Little Babble. We share the same name which instantly makes Leanne awesome haha! Leanne has a lot of lovely clothes, she posts gorgeous outfits and has me very tempted to apply for a credit card with her haul posts. 

Rosie of Roseberry Jam. Rosie really is a very lovely person, I've been lucky enough to meet her on several occasions now as she is one of my South Wales blogging chums :) Rosie blogs about a bit of everything including outfits, beauty and everyday life.

Sophie of Sophie in the Sticks. Sophie's blog is one that I have been following since I started my blogging journey several years ago. Sophie shares her outfits with absolutely stunning photography, though my favourite posts of Sophie's her most definitely her food posts.

Sadie of Butterfly Wings. Sadie blogs about a bit of everything, mainly focusing on fashion. Check out her blog for outfit inspiration. 

Don't forget to keep an eye on my Twitter if you would like to advertise for free next month.


  1. Glad you liked my post Leanne, off to check the others :) xx

    1. It was so interesting, such good ideas! I hope you like the others :) x

  2. Lots of reading for me there! Thanks, and glad you had a good month!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  3. Sounds like you've had a great month! The Ireland trip looks amazing!
    Em x

    1. It has been fab and Ireland really was amazing! x


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