Bargain Watch : The £30 Tassimo Coffee Machine (Limited Availability)

Tassimo Coffee Machine £30 + P&P (while stocks last).

Spencer and I both love coffee, a good gadget and a bargain so we couldn't resist treating ourselves to a coffee machine when we discovered that this Tassimo was on offer for just £30 + P&P.

Our small kitchen is already bursting at the seams what with the Kitchen Aid food processor, the deep fat fryer and various other gadgets, as a result this is currently sitting on the dining room table. Hopefully there will be room for it in the new kitchen, but do you know what? The coffee is so amazing I don't care if it has to live on the dining room table forever, I will not part with it.

Unicorn Mug Urban Outfitters

So far we have tried Costa caramel macchiatos, a warm Oreo drink, a columbine roast, cappuccino and a warm crème brûlée drink - none of which did disappointed us, apart from not being as big as we'd like but we're just greedy!

We've never had a coffee machine before and are both really enjoying being able to quickly serve up a frothy hot drink in our own home.

Once we have had a bit more of a play with it I will do a more detailed post, I just wanted to get this one up quickly to let you guys know about the offer as I'm sure it won't be around for long.


  1. wow so tasty the coffee you made ^^
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  2. It looks great and such a good price! Love those tumblers as well. :)

    1. The price is fantastic, its a brilliant deal. x

  3. Oooh we have been looking to get a coffee machine and this one is so reasonably priced!!! I love those tumblers as well!

    Laura x

    1. It is definitely worth purchasing, such a bargain! These tumblers are my fave :) x

  4. Replies
    1. The link is just under the first photo :) x


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