Pregnancy Journey : The 16 Week Midwife Appointment

Today I had my sixteen week midwife appointment, I'm actually seventeen weeks but I couldn't make the appointment last week so arranged it for this week instead. My midwife was on holiday so I saw another two ladies instead. They took my blood pressure, had a feel of my tummy, tested my urine which was clear, had a listen to babies heartbeat with a doppler and answered any questions that I had. 

We went through my upcoming appointments, during which we discovered that my Glucose test has been missed so I need to arrange that appointment at my twenty week scan now, they should have arranged it for me at my twelve week scan but missed it. It is no biggie as it needs to be done at twenty-eight weeks so arranging it later isn't a problem. I was told that I need to remember to book my flu jab, my twenty-five week midwife appointment, my whooping cough jab and my antenatal classes (if I want them). 

I booked the flu jab straight away as that can be done whenever, I will also book the antenatal classes tomorrow. The others, however, I need to remember to book nearer the time. I pretty much forgot the dates that I needed to book them for as soon as I left the room, thankfully Google answered me. I also forgot to ask a lot of the questions that I wanted to ask. I would recommend that all expectant mothers keep a notebook so that they can jot down the questions that they want to ask at appointments and also get it out at the appointment and write all of the information that you need to remember down. They tell you a lot of information so it is very easy to forget some/all of it. For example, my midwife told me at my first appointment that I would need to take a urine sample to every midwife appointment, I completely forgot! 

I asked about my weight loss, even though people have told me it is completely normal I wanted it clarified. They agreed that this is perfectly normal and nothing at all to worry about. I mentioned the heartburn and how it makes me sick, I was told that if it does get to me I need to visit my GP who can prescribe me tablets.

I asked if I need to pay for photos at my twenty week scan and was told that I don't. At our twelve week scan we had to take pound coins as we needed to put money into a machine that only accepts pound coins, I made sure I asked in advance just so that I knew if I had to save my pound coins! 

It was so lovely to hear babies heartbeat again, I have a doppler but have never been sure if I'm picking up my own heartbeat via the placenta or the babies heartbeat. Today confirmed that I have in fact been listening to my own heartbeat! The midwife struggled to find babies heartbeat, I did panic for a while as they said the annoying reassuring thing which does anything but reassure you "if we can't find it, it isn't anything to worry about, it is completely normal." I could tell how relieved they both were when they found it! Baby is a wriggler, every time they found it baby moved pretty much straight away so we only got to listen for about ten seconds, but it was still amazing. 

As always, this is just my experience, I imagine that all midwifes are a little different and also experiences may vary dependant on location. 

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