Christmas Gift Idea : For the gadget lover

Case App is a great site that offers cases and skins to protect your gadgets. You can choose to design your own skin or case for your gadget or opt for a ready made design. As well as using pre-made images to design your own you can also upload images and text to the site. 

Personally I think that you can't beat the personal touch when giving gifts, so a case/skin designed for a loved one by a loved one could possibly be one of the sweetest gifts out there for a gadget lover.

There are also plenty of pretty pre designed cases which are a great alternative if you aren't feeling very creative.

Case App kindly allowed me to design a skin for my iPad, I used the images on their site to make this cute skin. Unfortunately I ordered the skin for the wrong model iPad so it didn't fit (whoops!). Despite my mistake I still got to get a feel for the skin and can conclude that the skin is made of super strong material, which is easily removed and re-applied which comes in handy if you make a mistake when applying.

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