Christmas Gift Idea : The person who has it all

I always struggle to think of gifts for my darling husband, he tends to buy whatever he wants throughout the year so never really wants much for Christmas. As a result of this both myself and other family members will often buy him tickets for concerts or vouchers for things to do. The great thing about this is that they probably won't want to go alone, which means that you get to enjoy their present too, a pretty good gift to give in my opinion! These are some of my favourite vouchers/tickets to give :

Concerts/Gigs. People tend to be put off buying tickets for gigs as they are expensive, but they really don't have to be so long as  you don't choose one of the most popular bands. English Indie band alt-j are performing their biggest headline show to date at The O2 on 24 January 2015 and you can pick up these Alt J tickets for as little as £24.75. 

Afternoon Tea. I bought afternoon tea vouchers for Spencer's birthday back in February which we enjoyed last week. Most companies that offer afternoon tea will sell vouchers, they usually come really nicely presented too, and well, what is not to love about a delicious feast like this. 

Stadium Tour. A few years ago now I bought tickets for Spencer and I to go on a tour of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, he loves rugby so I figured it would be a good idea. This costs just over £20 for two and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, sometimes it is great to be a tourist in your own back yard! It also happens to be on offer on Groupon at the moment, you can view the offer here.

Brewery/Distillery Tour. My dad loves Whisky so for Father's Day we wrote in his card that we would take him to Penderyn Distillery for a tour, and that we would also let him pick something from the shop (within reason, some of their whisky costs over £1,000!). We actually managed to purchase the tickets for the tour from Groupon, where they were on offer for £9 for the four of us which was an absolute bargain.

What are your favourite gifts to give to the person who has everything?

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  1. I love buying gig tickets for people. It means they have something to look forward to! In the past I have bought my Mum a spa day and my Dad a trip to the London Eye. x
    Maria's Adventures


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