Week in Photos #174

A trip to IKEA resulted in meatballs, of course \\ Chicken stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in bacon with rice \\ pork dinner \\ rice pudding & PJs because I felt poorly (still do a little)

We've tried loads of paint samples in the kitchen, I'm not actually sure if I like any yet, this could take a while...

Bob has a box fetish.

I now have two Loom Bands courtesy of my niece, I am considering jumping on the bandwagon and making my own as everyone seems obsessed with them! I shared a coke with Bro :) 


Review : Origins GinZing Moisturiser

Origins GinZing™ instantly hydrates and revs up radiance.

This lightweight, oil-free, skin energy drink, fortified with legendary skin-boosters like Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean, jumpstarts hydration levels. Lacklustre-looking skin is rapidly refreshed and revitalised to create a healthy, vibrant glow.

Origins GinZing moisturiser is an oil free moisturiser with a gel consistency that smells absolutely amazing (think tangerines) and feels lovely on the skin. I've been using it for about two to three weeks now. I have combination skin that gets very greasy, as a result I am always interested in trying out oil free moisturisers. I've been using this morning and evening as instructed and am finding that it really works well with my skin. I have found that since using this my skin looks brighter, my spots are reduced and my dry patches are almost non-existent. I'm not going to make huge claims about the fact that my skin no longer gets greasy because it does, but I haven't worn my loose powder on top of my foundation this past week and it hasn't been unbearable. My foundation has still been intact by the end of the day, my skin does look shiny but an okay shiny as oppose to the usual greasy mess.

I am enjoying using this so much that I am now considering trying out some of the other items from the GinZing range. Have you tried anything from Origins GinZing range?


Week in Photos #173

I still love checking the timehop app every morning, it has become part of my 'waking up' routine now alongside emails, facebook, instagram and Twitter, no wonder I'm always late! I can't believe how different both Spencer and I looked six years ago. I want to look like that again. 

We've had another week of microwave meals, which have actually been quite nice, my roast dinner even came with a little Yorkshire Pudding! 

We ran out of microwave meals so decided to take advantage of our Tasty Rewards points and go to Table Table for a free burger each, it was delicious \\ Healthy breakfast yesterday morning *sarcasm* \\ We finally tried the Cookie Nut Crunch, its delicious \\ My new latte glasses have arrived, drinks from my Tassimo look so much prettier now.

Today my niece and nephew came to our house, picked their own strawberries, washed them & ate them. My niece bought us both a loom band, we're down with the kids now.

Kitchen progress! We now have a messy but fully functioning kitchen! I'm so pleased with it, everything has come together perfectly. We just need to paint, tile and pretty it up and then we'll be done.


Wishlist : Cream & Mauve Kitchen Accessories

IKEA Molndal Pendant Lamp £15  Morphy Richards Accents Toaster in cream £22.50  Morphy Richards Accents Pyramid Kettle £29.99  Next Egg House £10  Next Kitchen Roll Holder £10  Next storage jars £24  Next Double Oven Glove £8  Next Love Stacking Mugs £16  Pair of mini hanging hearts £3.90


Review : La Roche-Posay Rosaliac Make-Up Removal Gel

La Roche-Posay Rosaliac Make-Up Removal Gel is indicated for use on sensitive, fine and reactive skin. The first "icy effect" micellar gel, which cleanses gently and soothes immediately, leaving the skin radiant and comfortable. Its micellar structure dissolves traces of make-up easily and without the need for rubbing. La Roche-Posay's formula also contains Thermal Spring Water, which hydrates, soothes and softens. 

Recommended for sensitive skin and reactive skin with redness.

I'm not going to lie, when it comes to removing make-up I am plain lazy, I often resort to face wipes or whatever other easy option is in sight. The La Roche-Possay Rosaliac gel is absolute perfection for lazy types like myself. I have been using this make-up remover for around two weeks now and have pretty much fallen in love. The pump makes it super easy to apply to cotton wool pads, it feels great on the skin and it removes all of my make-up, including mascara (I've not tested it with waterproof as I don't wear waterproof), without too much scrubbing.

This is actually specifically aimed at sufferers of rosecea, one of which I am not. I do however suffer with sensitive skin and extremely bad acne which is why I decided to give this gentle, calming product a go. Now, since using it my skin has improved quite a bit, I do still have spots but nowhere near as many as I usually would. I have recently changed my moisturiser and face wash so I can't thank this product 100% for clearing skin up but it obviously hasn't made it any worse.

This is currently available from Chemist Direct for £8.33, £4.17 less than the RRP.

For reference I have combination, acne prone skin that tends to get very oily.


Review : Mac Goddess of the Sea Lipstick - The Alluring Aquatic Collection

I know, I'm a total sucker for packaging but look at it! How could I leave it behind? Mac have wowed me with the Alluring Aquatic collection, the 3D bumps actually look like real drops of water, so beautiful. It looks great in my lipstick holder next to RiRi Woo.

I picked this beauty up in Cardiff Debenhams last Tuesday and they still had plenty available. 

Goddess of the Sea is a light plum cremesheen lipstick that stays put for hours whilst hydrating the lips. 

Have you bought anything from the Alluring Aquatic collection? I know everyone else is raving about the Osbourne collection right now, I'm a little slow on the uptake! 


Scratch Fresh Meal Kits : Chicken Pad Thai Noodles

I love cooking a fresh meal from scratch but when I get home from working a nine hour day chopping, grating and waiting for food is the last thing that I want to do. The Scratch Fresh Meal Kits are a great alternative as everything is ready chopped and they take hardly any time to cook.

I love the story behind Scratch, which can be read here. Michael Roux Snr is part of the Scratch team which instantly tells you that it will be good food.

We picked this little kit up from Waitrose, at £5.99 it seems pretty expensive, though when you consider that the kit contains every ingredient including the meat it really isn't too bad. The portions are big so you don't need any side orders, you are literally paying £5.99 for a meal for two.

 The food comes in separate compartments with clear, easy to follow instructions. 

Fry the chicken for four minutes.

Add the Pad Thai Sauce, carrots, bean sprouts & noodles whilst stirring. Cook for a further three minutes.

Finish by adding the spring onion and peanuts and mix through with the noodles.

Squeeze in the lime before serving.

Both Spencer and I really enjoyed this meal and were pleasantly full afterwards, they certainly don't scrimp on the ingredients. Neither of us have tried Pad Thai Noodles before or since so don't have anything to compare it to.

"Satisfaction - Mountain of" I agree! 

I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other recipes when I have a working kitchen again.

Have you tried these meal kits? Are they something that you like the look of?


Review : L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster Intense Black

L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster Intense Black provides your eyes with a dramatically intense look.

As you can see from my swatches I don't have a very steady hand which is why I've never been very good with eyeliner. I am always willing to give it a go and have found a few over the years that I can get along with but then I tend to forget about them until I find a better one. This is what has happened now, the gel eyeliners were my favourite but I forgot about them and mine all dried out.

I found the L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster super easy to work with. The liner dries quickly and doesn't smudge. I've gone for a thin line on me as thick eyeliner doesn't suit me (or maybe I'm just not used to it) but the eyeliner is easily build-able for a more dramatic look.


A Health Kick ... And why I'm considering quitting binge drinking

Lately I've been considering making a few changes in my life, I have let myself slip the last few months and am now at the heaviest that I have ever been in my life. I want to change more than just my diet, not only do I want to be slimmer but I want to be a healthier, happier version of me. In order to do this I need to make a lot of changes.

Food is one of the most obvious changes, I did well on Slimming World last year but have massively fallen off the wagon. Slimming World is easy to stick to, I think I just over complicated things by going down the route of making a meal from scratch every single day. It really doesn't have to be that complicated, there are plenty of quick, filling and easy meals that are 100% on plan such as good old meat & veg, fried rice dishes, pasta dishes and salads bulked up with fat free cottage cheese. When I fancy something naughty I can have that home-made burger and chips. Once the new kitchen is finished I will get back on plan, not necessarily 100% SW but I will stick to the basics and the healthy meals.

I'm not going to make ridiculous claims and say that I am going to start going for runs or join the gym because I know I won't. I work full-time and I write my blog, I simply don't have the time to commit to exercise programmes on top. What I am going to do is make small changes, starting with walking home from work. It takes me around half an hour to walk home from work, I currently spend around ten minutes waiting for a bus and then another five minutes on the bus, the walk home will only add an extra fifteen minutes onto my day and is not only good for me, but also good for my bank account. It is a really pretty walk and a great way to de-stress and unwind after a day in the office. My work are taking part in a British Heart Foundation challenge soon which will involve all of us wearing Pedometers and attempting to walk a set distance within a certain time frame, hopefully this combined with the sunshine will give me the push that I need.

From some of my week in photos posts you may have picked up that I love a good, alcohol fuelled night out with my besties. I'm not going to say I'm giving up drinking altogether because I'm not that strong. What I am planning on doing is cutting down the amount that I drink. There really is no need to drink five plus jaiger bombs on top of a bottle of wine. Alcohol isn't good for the waist line and I just find that I can't recover quickly these days, a Saturday night out will leave me grumpy and snappy for the majority of the next week. I need to find my limit and stick to it, I also need to make wiser choices such as switching the larger for a single vodka and diet coke (to the top with coke) and ditching the shots.

I've never taken vitamins before and am thinking that now may be a good time to start. One of the reasons that I don't eat healthy and exercise is because I am constantly tired, I also suffer with IBS and am often bloated and sluggish. I'm thinking that taking a supplement such as Bimuno Prebiotics for an immune system boost may help me a little.

Do you have any tips to help me succeed on my health kick?


Week in Photos #172

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend the opening of the new Primark in Cardiff (read my post here), Joanna picked me up at 7 o'clock which was very painful but we had a great day so it was worth it. We had a lovely day shopping, eating and singing our hearts out on the car journey home.

The kitchen is still undergoing it's transformation. The steps have now been knocked out, the floor laid and some of the cupboards have been built. Hopefully it will be finished this week.

No kitchen means microwave meals and takeaways. Naughty but kinda nice too.

I bought a new Mac lipstick \\ Received my giveaway prize from Char \\ Love this quote on my Primark glass \\ Tried and enjoyed Carlsberg blackcurrant.

Our boiler was condemned on Tuesday, it had quite a severe gas leak, thankfully it was going straight outside and not into the house, we have no idea how long it has been leaking so could have been real dangerous. As a result of having a new boiler I had to find room for all of these shoes that live in the boiler cupbard, not so easy when the downstairs of your house looks like the second picture due to having a kitchen fitted! \\ One of our drawer fronts \\ Bob & Kitty enjoying the new kitchen floor.