What I Wore, Maternity : 23 Weeks, Smart Casual

Dress & Coat - New Look Maternity
Pumps, tights & scarf - Primark

Here it is, my first maternity outfit post. Now that I'm feeling human again and have bought a few maternity clothes I figure its time to start posting the occasional outfit. 

I know a lot of people hate how they look when pregnant, feeling frumpy and uncomfortable. I am the complete opposite and feel so much more confident in my own body with baby bump, I think this is down to my stomach always being the part of my body that I hated, now that I have an excuse to have a large tummy it doesn't bother me, I can finally wear the tight fitting clothes that I have longed after for so long. 

If you are or have been pregnant did you feel frumpy or confident in your body?

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This morning I took the familiar trek into Cardiff for a lovely afternoon tea meet at Pettigrew Tea Rooms organised by the lovely Laura, Gemma and Chantele

It was such a good, organised event. We each paid £10 for an enchanted cream tea which was exclusive to our event and absolutely delicious. We each got to try one of every item along with a lovely pot of tea, I opted for my usual white rosebuds with peony, as usual the cosy Pettigrew Tearooms didn't disappoint and absolutely everything was spot on, drinks, food and service. 

As if the food and the company weren't good enough we were each given an amazing, jam packed goody bag at the end of the event. I honestly am a little overwhelmed by the contents of mine, so much more than I ever expected! 

I'm not quite sure exactly what came from where but a little note inside my bag tells me that the Twitter handles for the event sponsors are : 

@Argos_Online, @GreenPeopleUK, @misspatisserie, @movedancewear, @dotcomgiftshop, @bykirsty, @stkittsherbery, @fever_london, @marksandspencer and @CrabtreeUK. 

Thank you all so much especially to Argos for my camera, wow. Along with providing items for the bags Argos gave us a £5 gift voucher if we bought along an old toy to donate to Barnardos and have also given us the opportunity to win £250 to spend on children's Christmas presents via their Christmas Wishlist app which is an absolutely fantastic app, at the grand old age of 29 I love playing with it so I can imagine that kids will go crazy for it! I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed for that prize, my niece & nephew will think I'm the best auntie ever if I win! 


What I Bought : Maternity Clothes, mostly New Look

I am twenty three weeks pregnant today and have already built up quite a collection of maternity clothing. Most of it comes from New Look, simply because my local New Look stock maternity wear in store, it is so handy to nip over in my lunch hour and pick up a new top. 

Buying maternity clothing can be surprisingly difficult, I went to Cardiff expecting to be able to get loads there and came home empty handed, most stores, New Look included, don't carry the maternity range in-store in Cardiff which is quite disappointing and why I am tending to stick to my local New Look store now.

I'm still in my old jeans/trousers so have only bought tops and dresses so far. Aside from a pack of two pairs of maternity leggings from New Look which are very comfortable. 


Pregnancy Appointment : 20 Week Scan

I had my twenty week scan two weeks ago, it was so lovely to see baby again, I can't believe that I won't see him/her now until she/he is in my arms, crazy! 

At this appointment they did a lot of checks, as a result the scan lasted a lot longer than the twelve week one, I couldn't wait to get out and go to the toilet as I'd drunk my pint of water beforehand. The screen was positioned towards me initially so I got to see baby, unfortunately they then moved the screen around to do their checks which meant that I could no longer see, they invited Spencer to move his chair around and watch, he said that it was fascinating to watch them zooming in on legs, the brain and various other body parts.

Even before I fell pregnant I always said that I wouldn't find out the gender, I want the moment where they hand you your baby and exclaim its a ..... During the weeks leading up to the scan the impatient little girl who used to open the presents from under the Christmas tree then tape them back together came back, I became desperate to know. Spencer said from day one that he would want to find out for practical reasons, I convinced him that we should have a surprise so well that when I caved he would not budge, he wanted a surprise. He eventually gave in to my pleas at the scan and agreed to find out the sex. The Sonographer tried her absolute best to find out for us, to the point that she was actually jabbing at my tummy quite hard with her scanning equipment! Baby clearly had other ideas and would not open their legs, I'm a great believer in fate and believe that I was supposed to have my surprise after all, my baby knows that deep down I didn't want to know. I think we're having a girl as a result as boys always sit around with their legs wide open, girls have dignity and keep their bits hidden! 

Before the scan I had checked with my midwife to see if I would need pound coins at this appointment to buy the photos, she said no we wouldn't, they are free at this appointment. Annoyingly she was wrong and we did need pound coins, thankfully we managed to scrape £3 together for one photo, the lady doing the scan took pity on us and gave us another one free of charge.

We were then given two forms, one for us explaining that everything that can be checked had been checked and everything was normal, another to pop up to the ante-natal ward. I took this up to ante-natal along with a urine sample, I have previously been told to take a sample to every appointment. The frantic lady at ante-natal (they had someone off ill so were crazy) looked at me like I was stupid when I attempted to hand her my pot of urine, apparently I only need to take a sample to midwife appointments.

My next appointment now will be my 25 week midwife appointment. We've only actually seen our midwife once at our booking appointment, she was on holiday when I went for the 16 week appointment so I had a stand in. It will be nice to see her again as I've forgot what she looks like! I believe that after this appointment I will start to see my midwife a lot more frequently.


22 Week Pregnancy Update

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been suffering a lot with heartburn which has been making me sick and just not in the mood for sitting at a computer. A few things have happened since my last update so make yourself comfortable! 

With regard to my symptoms things are a lot better nowadays. I wasn't sick today or yesterday, I'm not convinced that the sickness every morning wasn't related to acid, if that is the case hopefully taking my Omeprazole reflux tablets will mean that the sickness is no more. My hips are still very painful, the Doctor diagnosed this as hip bursitis at my appointment on Friday, however after talking to two of my friends who have experienced Pelvic Girdle Pain both them and me are convinced that this is what I have and the Doc is wrong, my one friend currently suffering from it is due in two weeks so once she has had the baby I am going to try using her support belt to see if it helps. The stitch is also still very bad when walking and is getting me down a bit. 

I think I've started feeling baby move, though I'm not totally sure. I have a lot of flutters which feel a lot like wind, but I don't seem to have that much wind so I'm guessing that it is baby moving about! 

I had put on two pounds when I weighed this morning and one pound last week, my total weight change so far is now minus five pounds.

The twenty week scan was amazing, as expected I caved and asked to find out the sex and .... baby had their legs closed tight together so they couldn't tell us! I'm a great believer in fate and think I was meant to have my surprise after all. 

The photo on the left is me at 21 weeks + 2, I'm having to wear nighties as PJ tops now because all of my PJ tops are too short for me! The photo on the right is me at 21 weeks + 6 showing off my lovely new maternity dress from New Look. I've never been able to wear tight fitting dresses due to having a large tummy, I'm now making the most of having an excuse to have a large tummy by wearing tight dresses. I really do need to start taking some outfit photos to show you my maternity clothes. 

I am absolutely, totally in love with these tablets. I have been taking them since Friday and haven't had heartburn since *touches wood*. Amazing.

I really need to give in and get myself a maternity coat, my current coat is often popping open. New Look have emailed me a £10 discount voucher as I haven't shopped on-line for a while so I think I'll use that against a maternity coat from there.

My appetite is most definitely back and with that comes my need for chocolate, this particular chocolate was amazing \\ I treated myself to some Lush festive goodies and had a lovely bath yesterday \\ My mother-in-law bought us the cutest little baby grows \\ I went to watch Calamity Jane in Cardiff on Saturday which was great, we even got to meet Tom Lister at the stage door *swoon*, this is me and my friend Claire with him, Claire is also pregnant and actually due in two weeks time, so exciting! Claire can get the practice in and then come and help me when I  have mine in February and she is in expert! 

After talking to my mother yesterday I discovered that there seems to be a bit of a running theme in my family with Wales playing France in the Six Nations on major events, our baby is due the week before Wales play France in the Six Nations. Wales played France the day my mam & dad got married and won, the day I was born and won, the day Gracie (my sister's daughter) was born and lost. I now have a feeling baby will be arriving a week late! 


Home : Getting Autumn Ready with George Home

Home is Where the Heart is Lamp £17*  Checked Stag Candle £7*  Yellow & Grey Throw £15*  Stag Cushion £7*


Pregnancy Journey : Week 19 Symptoms & Update

I'm still being sick every morning, this is just part of my routine now so doesn't really bother me too much. The heartburn is rearing its ugly head now and again, when it does I know about it, it even burns to drink water during a bad episode. The hip pain has been getting me down, we had a year end in work which meant a lot of standing up filing things away, I was in so much pain by the end of the day, I pretty much had to spend the whole weekend in bed to rest. 

Changes this week are that I'm now eating properly and am actually getting very hungry at times which is great because up to now I haven't really fancied food, I've just had to force it down. I've started to get a stitch if I walk too fast, I've Googled this and it seems to be a pretty normal thing during pregnancy, I've written it down to mention to the midwife at my next appointment just in case. I've also been experiencing several heart palpations, again, Google tells me this normal but I will check.

My weight has stayed the same so my total weight change so far is minus eight pounds. 

We have our twenty week scan tomorrow and I am so excited to see baby again! I've always said that I didn't want to know the gender, Spencer wanted to find out originally but I managed to convince him that a surprise was the way to go. I'm now changing my mind and wanting to know the gender but it turns out that I convinced Spencer a little too well as he now won't budge. Quite annoying and I am determined to get my own way haha! 

This is my bump at twenty weeks and one day, I can't believe that we're halfway through now, it is rather scary! 

I collected our second Bounty pack yesterday, my midwife gave us the first Bounty pack when we first met her, inside that was a voucher for this one. We decided to collect it from Asda as you get extra samples if you do, those samples were the cutest Winnie the Pooh bibs.

Our bathroom renovation is pretty much finished now. We did want to replace the floor and tiles but with baby coming we have just replaced the bathroom furniture. All that needs doing now is a new panel on the side of the bath and to accessorise it. I can't decide whether to go for a floral Cath Kidston-esque theme or a nautical theme.

I celebrated eating properly again with this delicious takeaway (Spencer had half, I'm not eating quite that much!). I received some lovely goodies from George Home which I will blog about shortly. I went into Primark for a pair of shoes and left with two bags, whoops.


Gender Neutral Baby Shower & Gift Idea

Before you go saying "baby shower already, she hasn't even had her 20 week scan yet" don't panic, it wasn't my baby shower, on Sunday I hosted a surprise baby shower for my friend who is due to give birth in November. She hasn't found out the sex so we had to keep the shower neutral, I know yellow and grey are the 'in' gender neutral colours at the moment but I personally don't think that you can beat a nice mix of baby pink and blue. 

My friends and I have a baby shower box that we keep decorations and games in and pass along for the next baby shower, we have had a lot of use from the box and it saves us a fortune in buying decorations each time. I decided to add this gorgeous set of mini milk bottles and the rambling rose paper straws from dotcomgiftshop to my decorations. I simply added milk and a splash of pink/blue food colouring to the bottles (I added the food colouring to the milk in a jug before splitting it between the bottles so that the colour was the same in each).

There was a lot more food than this, instead of people chipping in for the shower I asked everyone to bring some buffet food along to take the pressure off me, we had loads! 

As is tradition at a baby shower I bought a little gift. I opted for a scrap book and possibly the cutest bib that I have ever seen, this was a last minute addition that I spotted in the local newsagents and couldn't resist. 

I bought this scrapbook from eBay for £15.95 along with this baby themed washi tape from eBay for £3.45.

The scrapbook did come with the option to be personalised, as the baby hasn't been born so we don't have a name or sex I decided to keep it as it was. I decided to get a scrapbook as I think that it will be the perfect way of recording memories. You can stick photos, hospital bands, everything and anything into it using the pretty washi tape. There is also the option to write directly into the book and also stamp the babies hand/foot prints directly into the book. 

I really hope that Claire & Phil enjoy recording their baby memories in the scrap book!