31 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I am 32 weeks + 2 days pregnant and have 54 days to go.

The sickness is still around occasionally, but not a lot, just once or twice a week.

The need to wee is now becoming a more constant thing, it is almost like having a water infection. I often think that I'm going to burst if I don't go to the toilet, when I do go a trickle comes out! Quite annoying but to be expected at this stage. I'm getting up once most nights now which I guess could be a lot worse.

I think that I have restless foot syndrome. The NHS website tells me that one in five women suffer with this during pregnancy, I think I'm one of those sufferers. I'm really struggling now to get off to sleep, I constantly feel the need to move my legs about, and sometimes my arms. The more I move my legs the hotter my feet become and then the more I want to move to try and cool them down, it is a very nasty circle! I'm going to dig my hot water bottle out and fill that with cold water and ice which will hopefully help with the hot feet. As for the movements in my legs and arms I will just have to put up with this, it tends to strike when I'm tired and trying to go to sleep.

Thrush is also becoming a constant symptom. I've had it once or twice during the pregnancy previously but now I seem to be applying cream most days. I went to the Doctor when I first had it as my chemist refused to give me anything due to being pregnant, he just prescribed me cream which is what I am using now. Sorry if TMI but I want to cover everything on here to help other's know what to expect! 

I gained another pound last week which means that I am now 1lb heavier than when I first fell pregnant. 

My bump at 31 weeks + 3 days and 31 weeks + 4 days.

I got a selfie stick for Christmas. I've seen a lot of people hating on these but I think they're fab. My sister & her partner bought it for me with the fact that I am shortly having a baby in mind, my sister thought it would be great to capture shots of our little family.

My works Christmas party was on 23 December, we had a Soap Awards theme and a great time was had by all.

Food has included a Chinese takeaway, Christmas dinner at my mam's, Boxing Day buffet, hot chocolate with frothed milk from my new milk frother.

Christmas time selfie \\ unusually nice weather for Christmas day \\ waiting for my Christmas dinner \\ I won £10 on a scratch card my auntie gave me for Christmas.

My Boxing Day buffet in all it's glory.

Still so happy with my teacups and saucers from Spencer for Christmas. He also bought me this teapot which I took up to him and his brother when they were decorating the nursery the other day.


Recipe : Using up the Christmas Leftovers with Amoy

I was recently sent some Amoy sauces and noodles along with a supermarket gift card and challenged to create a traditional Winter warmer recipe with a twist. As I received the items so near to Christmas I thought it would be a great idea to use them to create a twist with my Christmas left overs.

The first thing on the menu is parsnips and carrots roasted in black bean sauce. 

For this I used four carrots, two parsnips, a sachet of Amoy black bean sauce, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of Amoy dark soy sauce and a teaspoon of brown sugar. 

I pre-heated the oven to 200°C, peeled and chopped the veg, mixed the sauces, oil and sugar together and poured the sauce into a roasting tray, I then added the veg and tossed it around in the sauce giving it an even coating. This went into the top of the oven for 30 minutes and came out deliciously.

Next up is good old Bubble and Squeak, no Boxing Day is complete without bubble & squeak! 

I always find Bubble & Squeak works best with overcooked veg, so if you are using leftover veg it may be worth boiling it a little more. For mine I just used potatoes and sprouts, but you can literally throw anything into this. 

This one is so simple to make, once your veg is nice and soft drain it from the water, add four tablespoons of Amoy Stir Fry Soy with red chilli, one tablespoon of dark soy sauce and mash together. Transfer into a hot griddle pan with plenty of olive oil and fry to your liking. I also tasted and added more chilli sauce in until I reached the desired level of chilli-ness! 

Last but by no means least is a simple turkey stir fry. I didn't add any veg to this as we were eating the two above with this so had plenty of veg already, again the other items were full of flavour so I kept this quite plain.

Another stupidly easy one to make, if using left over meat your meat will just need a little bit of warming up in the wok with olive oil, once warmed through add dark soy sauce to taste and straight to wok ribbon rice noodles. Stir fry for around three minutes and your dish is ready to eat.

I served all of this as a buffet along with pickled onions, pickle, pringles and cheese. It was the tastiest Boxing Day buffet I have ever served up and received a load of compliments.


Christmas 2014 : My Gifts & My Christmas Maternity Outfit

Light-up Christmas Pudding Jumper - Primark, men's XL
Maternity Jeans - New Look
Sequin Converse bought via eBay

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you've had an amazing time and were suitably spoilt! I've had a lovely time so far, quiet and packed with family, just as it should be. I'm not back in work until the 02 January and I plan on making the most of the break by not doing a lot! 

Not only have I been lucky enough to have a nice break with loved ones, I was also very lucky in the present department. Below are some of the things that I received, I also received vouchers which I intend to keep until after the baby is born to treat myself to some new clothes for my nice, slim figure. I haven't put any weight on yet so am hoping to be at least a size smaller once I loose the baby weight! 

A hot and cold milk frother, powder shaker, stencils and teapot. 

Vintage cups and saucers.

A steam mop, yes I did ask for this and yes, I am old.

Mum to be smellies, various other smellies, nail files & Armani Code Luna perfume.

Chromecast, icing nozzles, torch owl keyring and a selfie stick.

Scarf, bracelet, socks, coaster and a Guinness chocolate.

Secret Santa goodies.

How cute is this Guylian gift set from my parents?

What did you receive for Christmas this year? How have you spent the break?


What I Wore, Maternity : 31 Weeks Christmas Party Outfit

Both items now reduced.


Our Christmas Decorations 2014

I love looking at everyone's Christmas decorations and am hoping that readers of this here blog do too, because that is what this post is all about, our 2014 Christmas decorations. We bought a new tree this year which is pre-lit and makes my life a little easier, it was reduced to £50 when we bought it from Argos but is now reduced even further to £34.99.

I tend to buy a few new tree decorations every year as I like a random mixture. New ones this year include the stocking from Tiger*, mini Santa's also from Tiger, floral baubles from Wilko, and my baby scan bauble from eBay.

I never have enough plug sockets for the amount of lights that I want at Christmas time, so this year we bought a few sets of battery operated lights. The two sets of star lights are from Clas Ohlson and the ones by the TV are from Tiger.

The teddy bear on top of the book case is the last Christmas present I had off my nan before she passed away, as a result this comes out every Christmas along with the corresponding tree decoration which proudly hangs on the tree.

Not a Christmas decoration as such but putting the decorations up is Bob and Kitty's favourite time of the year. There are plenty of boxes for them to climb into and plenty of beads, baubles, etc for them to attempt to attack! 

Have you done a Christmas decoration post? If so please leave your link so that I can have a look! 


30 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I am 31 weeks + 1 day and have 62 days to go.

The sickness has returned this week, but only a little bit in the mornings and not every morning, it is easy enough to deal with but does tend to make me late for work when it strikes.

I'm often getting tightening feelings in my tummy now which I think is Braxton Hicks.

I gained 1lb when I weighed on Monday which means that my weight is now exactly the same as when I first fell pregnant. I'm hoping to be a size 8 once I've had the baby (jokes). My skinny jeans have started to become difficult to do up so I have given in and am now wearing maternity jeans.

My bump at 30 weeks + 3 days.

My window decoration kept falling down so I asked Spencer to stick it back up, came home from shopping and realised it was upside down, can't trust a man to do anything! \\ I've finally made a start on wrapping presents \\ I came across this cute Penguin necklace while having a clear out, the issue with clear outs is that I keep finding things I like and adding them into my current stash \\ The Christmas bedding is out and Bob approves.

I also discovered this cringey old box of tapes during the clear out, how I wish I still had a tape player! \\ Chinese tea last night.

I bought myself some slouchy, comfy maternity wear from New Look for the Christmas holidays.

I went for a Christmas meal with the work girls on Thursday night and took the obligatory Christmas hat selfie.

My lovely Secret Santa presents from work.

My cats are such hipsters.