Aria's Newborn Photo Shoot

When Aria was just seven days old we hired friends and fellow bloggers Chantele & Jon, aka, Cross-Jones Photography to carry out a newborn photo shoot for us. They came to our house armed with props and snapped away. Aria was a little angel and slept almost the entire way through the shoot, allowing them to move her around with little complaint. She did wake up once but Chantele gave her a bottle and off she went again.

The photos are absolutely stunning, as you can see, and Chantele and Jon make a fantastic team, they were both brilliant with Aria and didn't even complain when a little bit of poo leaked onto their trousers! If you looking for a newborn photo shoot in South Wales I cannot recommend them enough, as well as newborn shoots they do the usual wedding, engagement, pregnancy shoots, etc.

Visit Cross-Jones Photography's website here
Visit their blog, Two Hearts One Roof, here.
Visit their facebook page here.


  1. Ohh these are just gorgeous! She's such a beautiful little button <3

  2. beautiful photos, Chantele and Jon did a crackin' job xx

  3. Adorable photos! I can just imagine them being put on little canvases around your home. Congrats again! x


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