Introducing Aria Sylvie

If you haven't already seen on Twitter/Instagram or just guessed from the lack of blog posts I have some exciting news for you, our darling baby arrived last week, on Thursday 26 February. 

We are now the proud parents of a baby girl named Aria Sylvie. Aria had an unplanned home birth and weighed a teeny tiny 5lb 11.5oz. We are all doing well but just taking a bit of time to get to know each other. Please bear with me while there is a lack of posts, I will be back shortly with my exciting labour story and more. For now, here is the beautiful Aria. 

I apologise if the formatting isn't great, I haven't turned the computer on since Aria's dramatic arrival and have typed up this post on my iPad. 


  1. Congratulations Leanne she is adorable, love the name!
    Hope you are both doing well and taking care of yourself.
    I was 5lb 11.5 oz when I was born I can imagine she must be so tiny as Blake was 6lb 9oz and was so small.

  2. Congratulations again hunnie she is absolutely beautiful as is her name and I cannot wait to read about her dramatic arrival x

  3. Congratulations Leanne! x

  4. Congratulations lady, she is beautiful and I love her name x

  5. Congratulations, she's absolutely lovely :)
    Megan x
    London Callings

  6. Congratulations! She is adorable and so cute. You don't need to apologise for the lack of posts, your whole life has basically just changed haha and it's a special time for you and your family.


  7. Congratulations :) She is adorable and I love the name you have chosen for her xxx

  8. How funny... My daughter was born February 28th, also named Aria :))
    Your Aria is gorgeous! Congratulations!


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