My Easter Nails

Today I actually managed to not only paint my nails but to add a little bit of Easter art to them. They are a real mess with nail varnish all around the edges but that will peel off when I next wash Aria's bottles. The Easter art comes in the form of water decals which were super easy to apply and only cost £1.55 including postage. I applied them over Barry M polishes Berry Ice Cream and Mint Green. I think that they would look a lot better over white and am going to attempt to remember to buy a white polish in town tomorrow, if I remember. If I do I will pop a photo of that on my facebook page so don't forget to like it!

7.4.15 Edited to include photos with white nail varnish.

Easter owl nail stickers


  1. These are so cute Leanne! I hope you have a lovely first Easter with Aria! Lucy at Lucyy Writes

  2. Those look amazing! I'm never technical enough to have pretty patterns on my nails but these look super easy to do


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