You Know You're a New Parent When...

You get really, really angry when people without children park in the Parent & Child Parking spaces. You also get angry at the shops for putting these spaces at the front of the store. If they weren't at the front of the store you would still use them, parents need them for the extra space not because we're lazy, the people that hog them without children are just plain lazy.

The baby is clean and smelling fresh, you on the other hand haven't washed for days. Just the other week we attended a Christening, I bought Aria not one, but two new outfits so that I had a back up in case of an accident. I got up early, bathed her, washed her hair, fed her and changed her nappy just before leaving. She smelt and looked great and was content throughout the Christening. I on the other hand didn't have time for a shower so had a quick wipe over with baby wipes, had to use dry shampoo in my hair, had to raid my wardrobe in the hope that I could find something that looked half decent and fitted my post pregnancy body and grabbed a quick cereal bar on the way out. Also, Aria was sick over my tights just before leaving, I made sure it didn't go on her though. It doesn't matter though, because now that I have a baby no one looks at me, I could be naked and no one would notice, they are all looking at Aria and rightly so.

You are super proud when another human being does a big burp. I never thought something like wind could make me so happy, but it really does. Aria does huge burps when we wind her after a feed and it is the most satisfying sound ever.

You have got really confused and frustrated by the whole bottle sterilising minefield. So many people tell you different things about sterilising bottles how do you know who to listen to? Then, to top it all off nicely you will be told that once you remove a bottle from the steriliser it is no longer sterile. What is the point in all of this worry then? 

Google is your new best friend. The first night that we had Aria I think we spent the entire night on Google. Every time we switched the iPad off we switched it back on within ten minutes to quickly check another strange noise or action. We are still quite good friends almost four weeks on but are slowly drifting apart.

You are exhausted. So much so that you don't even know what day it is, I updated my facebook status to state that Aria was two weeks old, when in fact she wasn't two weeks old until the following day. I genuinely thought it was Thursday.

You constantly check that your baby is breathing. One minute you can't sleep because baby is crying, the next you can't sleep because your baby is too quiet which means that you have to check that they are still breathing every two seconds.

Every moment is a photo opportunity. New outfit, first bath, new nappy, absolutely everything is a photo opportunity. 

You loose hours just staring at your baby. You have loads to do when baby eventually falls into a deep sleep, instead, you sit there staring at your beautiful, peaceful baby feeling so happy and proud.

People are disappointed to see you if you don't have the baby. Honestly, no one cares about you any more. If you go somewhere without the baby people will be disappointed because they would much rather coo over your newborn than hear you talking about pooey nappies and how sleep deprived you are.

But despite all of this, you are the happiest that you have ever been and you wouldn't change it for the world.

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  1. Love this post and agree with it all :D With the steraliser thing - it's to steralise the food - bottles stay sterile for 3 hours after being steralised - personally, we steralise them all together, and immediately make up all the formula bottles for the next day, rapidly cooling them in running cold water and then keeping them in the fridge :D The WHO have a piece written up about it :) Oh and the car parking... I get crazy frustrated especially when there's a car parked in the space, with a driver or passenger, a kid in the car seat in the back and the 3rd person has run into the store to pick stuff up - they clearly don't need the space if they're not getting the kid out of the car!!!! At the Sainsburys by me lots of disabled ppl use the family spaces too - I wouldn't mind, but it's always when there's loads of disabled spaces free :/


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