What Aria Wore #2

I have found a new obsession when it comes to dressing Aria, in the form of cute headbands. I recently purchased three and am counting down until pay day to buy some more (they are only cheap but maternity pay means cheap things are a treat!).

Portrait photo of baby girl smiling wearing shabby chic rose headband

baby girl sleeping in fisher price swing sweat wearing rose headband jeans and floral top

The jeans and top are a two piece set from Matalan, in newborn size.

close up photo of sock ons on baby's foot

The white things over her socks are called Sock Ons, they are a genius invention that prevents the socks falling off, I will be writing a separate post about these soon.

baby girl with wide eyes
baby girl jeans and floral top set from Matalan
baby girl wearing cute floral shabby chic headband and yawning
close up photo of baby girl with long eyelashes

As usual, the links to purchase are underneath the photos, where available.


  1. Ohhh she is just gorgeous! I want a cuddle!

  2. That headband looks adorable! :)

  3. Says a lot when a baby is better dressed than me! She looks gorgeous and I love the headband!

  4. Oh that headband is too cute!!! She is such a sweetie

    Laura x


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