Race For Life 2015 : The Results

On Father's Day Aria and I headed to Cwmbran to take part in the 5K Race for Life*, as well as running the Race for Life you can jog, walk, do it in a wheelchair, take a pushchair or even a dog. My friend and I got the babies all dressed up and took them along in the pushchairs. 

Mother and baby daughter dressed for Race for LIfe mother wears pink race for life t-shirt and baby wears pink tutu, pink bow headband and white and pink vest

 Race for Life Cwmbran 2015 warm up

The event entertainment was provided by Heart FM, one of the sponsors. We arrived not long before the start of the race and already the atmosphere was buzzing. Arriving when we did meant that we missed a lot of the build up to the main event, we got there mid way through the warm up.

Race for life cwmbran 2015 with pushchairs

As we had the pushchairs we went with the walkers, they let the runners go first so that us slow people weren't getting in their way! At the start of the race we struggled to overtake people as we had the pushchairs and people were in big groups, as the race really got going people drifted off and spread out so we were easily able to overtake (and be overtaken by others!).

race for life cwmbran 2015 walkers with pushchairs and a dog

There were markers throughout the 5K course telling us how far we had gone, we missed the 2K marker and were so relieved to see the 3K, we thought that we hadn't even reached 2 yet and were really beginning to panic! As well as markers there are really supportive marshals around the course, all spurring you on, telling you how well you've done and how long you have left. These little words of encouragement really do go a long way towards motivating you.

baby at cwmbran race for life 2015 in pink tutu with pink fluffy fairy lights decorating pushchair

Race for Life participants are also known as the Pink Army, so obviously we wore a lot of pink, Aria wore her Father's Day outfit and I even added pink fluffy fairy lights onto the pushchair. I think Aria made a lot of women broody, so many people stopped to comment on how cute she was and called their friends over to look at her.

pushchair and baby dressed up for race for life

It would seem as though the race really tired Aria out! 

race for life cwmbran 2015 finish line selfie

We finished the race in just over one hour and were the first of the pushchairs to finish, not bad for a fatty like me hey! We did really push ourselves and I am very proud of how well we did, one hour may not seem quick but we had a lot of extra weight with the pushchairs and we aren't the fittest of people.

race for life 2015 showing off medal

After we passed the finish line we were handed water, a brioche roll and our medals. What I really loved was the fact that the girls were also given medals, they came in a little envelope and I plan on keeping Aria's in the envelope and sticking it into her scrapbook along with some photos of the day.

I've seen quite a few negative comments this year about the fact that Race for Life is for women only, personally I love that it is for women only. Women can often be so negative towards each other, it isn't very often that you will see almost 2,000 women together supporting and encouraging each other. Race for Life brings women together while raising huge amounts of money for Cancer Research. Men aren't excluded completely, they can be registered as 'your hero' and help with fundraising, they can also come along and cheer you on. Spencer and his mother came to watch us, we then went out for a Father's Day meal afterwards, it was a lovely family day out.

So, fellow women what are you waiting for, get your friends, daughters & dogs together and sign up for the Race for Life, you may have missed this year but you can be super organised and sign up ready for next year! 

If you haven't already sponsored me you still can here. Read my Race for Life preparation posts here.

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