Using Up The Kitchen Leftovers #3

Another week of using up the food leftovers from my Hello Fresh box. Last week we only ordered a three meal box which resulted in a lot less leftover. 

kitchen food waste to be used up

The leftovers this week were :

pepperoni, onion and feta pizza with side salad

As well as the leftovers we had two mini pizzas in the fridge about to go off, we bought them to cook on the chimenea at our barbecue last week but we didn't end up using them, I would usually just put them in the freezer until the next barbecue but I decided that these would be a lovely lunch with a bit of salad and some extra toppings. They were cheese, tomato and pepperoni pizzas so I spruced them up a little by crumbling the feta over them and adding the chopped onions. This turned out to be a very lovely meal.

beef chilli con carne with coriander rice

I cooked up the beef chilli that I made with leftovers a while back (this post), I served this with basmati rice and the leftover coriander.

potato baked with butter, rosemary and garlic

We had chicken and potatoes one night which is when I used the leftover rosemary. This was an attempt at making hasselback potatoes without researching it. I literally just made a few cuts in the potato, popped some butter, salt, garlic and rosemary on top and then cooked in the oven along with the chicken. These were beautiful but next time I make them I will follow a recipe rather than just hope for the best.

homemade mint sauce with fresh mint

I'm really proud of this one. To use the leftover fresh mint I made mint sauce which we have just enjoyed with an amazing mid week roast. The mint sauce was beautiful and so simple to make using this recipe. I halved the ingredients as I didn't have much mint and it was still quite watery, I really could have done with quartering the ingredients, but still, it was so much nicer than the jarred stuff and definitely something that I will make again.

Kitchen staples - Potatoes and rice. Rice has a very long shelf life so this is something that you should always have in your cupboard as a back up.

Great meals for using up food - pizzas, a lot of food leftovers can be used as a pizza topping such as cheese, meat, veg, herbs, and more! 


  1. I'm massively impressed with your resourcefulness and your creativity with these recipes. It's all I can do to bosh up a spag bol these days!

  2. Your food posts always make me SO hungry Leanne. We've always cheated when it comes to hassleback potatoes and buy them prepared, I'll have to give them a whirl after seeing how good yours turned out!
    Lucy at Lucyy Writes


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