An Open Letter to Pregnant Women Everywhere

Expecting a baby? Congratulations! Your life is about to change forever, in a very good way.

open letter to pregnant women - pregnant woman at Cardiff Bay photo edited to resemble a postcard

Right now you are probably a mixed bag of emotions including anxiety, nervousness and, depending on the kind of pregnancy that you are having, you may even be feeling really fed up, but don’t worry, your baby won’t be long, it may feel like a lifetime now but when you look back you will see that it actually went really quickly.

People say that you forget how horrid your pregnancy and the birth were once you hold your baby, that isn’t strictly true, but what is true is that those things that feel awful at the time no longer matter, they suddenly become very insignificant and completely worth it, so insignificant that I’m actually jealous of pregnant people now, and I had an awful pregnancy!

Motherhood will change you in so many ways, but you will also still be you, be sure to spend time away from the baby when you can so that you still have time to be you and not just a mother.

This new little person will have complete control over you, demanding that you feed them, clean their bum, show them attention, and put them down when they’ve had enough. But this will be okay, you will be more than happy to do this, in fact, you’ll probably find yourself staring at your baby when they’re sleeping and you could finally be getting on with other things.

You will love so much more than you knew was possible, you will hurt like you never knew you could (emotionally not physically, I don’t want to scare you because there really is no need to be scared), you will feel so much pride that you may just burst.

You will be surprised at how simple things can bring these emotions on, when your baby smiles at you for the first time you may experience happy tears. When your baby has their jabs and they scream with pain you may want to cry yourself and will probably feel hopeless. When people comment on how well your baby is doing you will feel unbelievably proud that you created this amazing little person.

Good luck to all the pregnant women, your life is about to get so much better! 

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  1. Aw this is so lovely! I love how positive you are, you can really tell how much you're enjoying being a mum!

    Liz x
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