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Minions, Peppa Pig, Minecraft, Frozen and many more, kids love them and love anything to do with them. Character.com is home to clothes, PJs, bags, everything really, in pretty much every character possible.   

Boy & girl wearing matching minions pyjamas with thumbs up

My niece and nephew are slowly getting over the Frozen craze and are now fully pledged members of the Minions/Despicable Me club. Safe to say they absolutely love these PJs. They are thin and airy, perfect for the Summer, but also very good quality. 

small Peppa Pig tote bag containing bella bunny and skiddle pony jellycat toys

Despite Character.com not catering to young babies we didn't want to leave Aria out, so ordered this Peppa Pig tote bag which is the perfect size for storing a few toys in when we are out and about. I like to keep things separate so that I can easily find them so this is ideal for me. When Aria is a little bigger she can carry and enjoy the bag herself. I'm sure she will love it, don't all babies love Peppa Pig? If I remember rightly Peppa was one of my niece's first words!

Are your children fans of character clothing? Which character would you most like to see on clothing?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this - I'd never heard of Character.com before. Our Little Miss loves Monsters Inc at the moment so I'm thinking of getting her the Monster Uni backpack.


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