Zeek : The Unwanted Voucher Selling & Buying App

Have you ever received gift vouchers when you would really rather just have the cash? Mobile app Zeek has finally come up with a solution. You can easily sell unwanted vouchers for cash. Great news for both those wanting to get rid of vouchers and those wanting a bargain, the vouchers can be purchased with huge discounts, some over 20% cheaper.

Carry on reading for more information and a £5 voucher towards your first purchase.
Zeek the mobile app to buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers

New Look purchases July 2015 using discount vouchers from Zeek mobile app

I was given a £50 Zeek voucher code* and challenged to see just how much I could increase it. I specifically wanted to buy New Look vouchers and was able to set the app to just show me New Look vouchers, instead of buying one voucher with my £50 I found two smaller vouchers, both with a big discount, so I bought them both. I bought a £39 voucher for £34 and a £24 voucher for £21, spending a total of £55 and receiving £73 which gave me a huge discount of slightly under 25%.

The app is such a great idea, people who don't want their vouchers sell them at a reduced amount which enables them to have the cash instead and the buyer gets a discount on their purchase. Typically, the greater the value of the voucher the greater the discount, but this isn't always the case so be sure to check the lower priced vouchers too. The lowest discount that I have seen so far is 5%, the highest a whooping 23%. 

As soon as I purchased my vouchers the voucher codes were available to use, I went straight onto the New Look website and placed my order. The app is a great idea and I must get into the routine of checking there for vouchers before making any purchases, this could save hundreds, maybe even thousands, of pounds during the course of a year. There are a huge range of vouchers available on the app, this does differ all the time as it is completely dependant at who is selling what at that particular point in time. 

Even better news, if you sign up to Zeek and enter my code 2lbi8b you will receive £5 off your first purchase and I will receive a £5 bonus for referring you, you will then be issued with a referral code and can refer as many friends as you like. If I refer ten people who make a purchase I receive £50, likewise, if they then refer ten people who make a purchase they also make £50.

The retailers available will always completely vary as it is reliant on people having vouchers to sell, as an example when I used the app there were loads of New Look vouchers on there, at the moment there aren't any, but tomorrow there may be loads again! Even if there aren't any vouchers that take your fancy at the moment you can enter my code in and the £5 will be there ready for when you do want to make a purchase.

What are you waiting for, get saving & earning now! 

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