Angel's Face Baby Tutu

Angel's Face is the perfect shop if you are looking for dreamy, girly clothing. Their clothing sizes range from newborn to adult and even dolls size!

back of baby wearing big pink tutu being lifted into the air

Aria received a rose pink tutu to fit 0 to 1, the first thing that we noticed is that it is incredibly soft and fluffy. Cheaper tutus can be quite rough and I was a little apprehensive about putting one against Aria's delicate skin, I thought that she would need tights to prevent it scratching on her legs. I needn't have worried as this tutu feels how I imagine a cloud would! 

angel's face pink baby tutu in hat box

The branding for the tutus is adorable, they come in a beautiful vintage style hat box along with a super cute leaflet aimed perfectly at younger girls.

baby wearing pink tutu with feet in focus on yellow and grey blanket

Despite the tutu being suitable for ages 0-1 it is a very good fit, the band is very stretchy, the way that Aria is growing it will probably last her for longer than one year! They cater for a variety of ages, this particular tutu goes up to teenager size but there are also adult tutus available. 

baby led in basket in pink tutu with yellow and grey blanket

Now all I need is a special occasion so that Aria can wear her tutu, I would take her shopping wearing it but her daddy thinks I'm mad! 


  1. I absolutely love this brand! The tutu looks so cute and it's good to hear that they are soft too.
    In all honesty, I always thought if I had a daughter, I would dress her in one of their tutus, haha. :)

  2. That is so gorgeous! Aria looks super cute! : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Love this. I love little one's in tutus. I want an excuse to wear on too!

    M xx

  4. Love this. I love little one's in tutus. I want an excuse to wear on too!

    M xx


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