Slimming World Weekly Weigh In Results & Food Diary #6

Another week in which I have been dreading weigh in. I've had a few too many treats this past week including a post weigh in slice of cake at Wetherspoons last Wednesday, a meal out on Wednesday evening and yes, I had pudding, buffet food and birthday cake at a party on Sunday and (last but not least) cake and a latte while out on Monday.

As a result of all of this I was very shocked to weigh in today and find out that I had lost 1/2 a pound, I know it isn't a huge amount but I had expected a maintain, or even a gain. I guess the fact that I was good for the rest of the week worked in my favour. 

slimming world weekly weigh in header picture with books and text over

So, now that I've 'fessed up to that, here is what I've been eating this week.

collage of Slimming World meals - syn free pancakes, ham salad, ocean burgers, banana split with popcorn and chocolate

Breakfast - Syn free pancakes made with porridge oats (recipe here, I personally prefer the ones that I usually make without the porridge oats, though these did have a better consistency and held together well), served with strawberries, bananas and sweetened quark
Lunch - Ham salad with 3 syns of Laughing Cow cheese
Tea - Ocean burgers (1/2 syn), tomato sauce and coleslaw (all from Fakeaways book) with sweet potato fries, tomato and cucumber
Pudding - 1/2 a banana, Propercorn coconut & vanilla (it is 6 syns per 25g, my serving was so small it didn't even register on the scales so I'm counting 1/2 syn), sweetened caramel quark, choc shot (2 syns) & a caramel latte (for the caramel I'm using Teisseire which is syn free)
Snacks - Muller Light & a nectarine
Healthy Extras - B choice used for porridge oats in pancakes. A choice used for milk in one coffee and latte
Total syns - 6

collage of slimming world meals - overnight oats, pizza topped turkey and syn free pancakes and latte

Breakfast - Overnight oats (35g porridge oats, sliced banana and a smooth toffee Muller Light set in fridge overnight)
Lunch - I skipped lunch as I was out all day
Tea - Turkey topped pizza, chips & coleslaw (cover turkey steak with clingfilm and flatten with rolling pin, top with tomato sauce (from Fakeaways book), ham, mushroom, onion, garlic and cheese (5 syns))
Pudding - Pancakes with strawberries, bananas, sweetened caramel quark and 1 tbsp of Choc Shot (2 syns)
Snacks - Banana, Muller Light & hi-fi bar (3 syns), Caramel latte
Healthy Extras - B choice used for porridge oats in breakfast, A for milk in latte
Total syns - 10

M&S 2 dine in for £10 meal deal pudding and main

Brunch - Mushroom, onion, tomato & ham omelette

Tea - M&S 2 dine in for £10 deal (wine saved for another day) - Pork Medallions in Norfolk Cider Sauce, minted new potatoes with butter, parsley & chives (3 syns) and rocket
Pudding - M&S Reduced fat Creme Brulee - (9 & 1/2 syns)
Snacks - Peach, Muller Light
Healthy Extras - 250ml milk & 2 hi-fi bars
Total syns - 12 & 1/2

slimming world syn free pancakes with strawberries and hairy dieters spanish chicken with chorizo

Breakfast - Syn free pancakes with strawberries
Lunch - Hairy Dieters Spanish chicken (roughly 6 syns for chicken skin & 2 syns for chorizo)
Snacks - Buffet food & birthday cake
Healthy extras - 250 ml milk & 2 hi-fi bars

slimming world syn free pancakes non slimming coconut & chocolate cake

Breakfast - Syn free pancakes with strawberries & 1tsbp of choc shot (2 syns)
Lunch - Chicken with four light babybels (8 syns)
Tea - Curried chicken & courgette fries
Snacks - Satay chilli chicken dip (5.5 syns), chocolate coconut cake & a latte
Healthy extras - 250ml milk & 2 hi-fi bars

simple syn free slimming world meal of beef mince, garlic, peas and onion with roast potatoes, carrots & courgette

Breakfast - Syn free pancake with a banana
Lunch - Chilli & rice
Tea - Beef mince, garlic, onion & mushroom with roast potatoes, carrots & courgettes
Snacks - Muller Light
Healthy extras - 2 hi-fi & 250ml s/s milk
Total syns - 0

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  1. Totally going to look up these syn free pancakes! xx

  2. A loss is brilliant, well done! Xx

  3. Well done for managing to lose something. It's good when you're keeping track. Again, so many good ideas- love the overnight oats for breakfast. I could even bring it on the school run with me! ;-) x

  4. The overnight oats look lovely , breakfast is such a boring meal that I might try these for a change. Your doing well with your healthy eating xx

  5. Those pancakes look amazing! I've just joined slimming world this week! xx

  6. I really want to try out Slimming World, some of the food you've featured on here looks yummy. Would you recommend Slimming World?x

    1. If you like cooking I would 100% recommend it, if you don't then maybe not!

  7. I keep meaning to make overnight oats - I really should, as it will force me to eat in the morning when I usually just have a glass of orange juice !

  8. you'll have to post the recipe for the low fat creme brulee! :D

    1. I wish I knew the recipe, it was from M&S! I have edited the post to state that now :)

  9. well done for your loss, even though it is a little one, its still a loss! I'm dreading weigh in this week, with my little girls birthday the following Saturday, it has been a week of cake and naughtiness with family. As always your food looks really yummy. Thanks for linking up #swsunday x
    Steph | www.raisingemily.net

  10. This looks really tasty. Your doing well! Keep up the good work and the results will come! #Weighlosestay

    Angela from www.daysinbed.com xx

  11. Your food laways looks lush!! Im always pleased with a loss no matter how small, especially when I am expecting a gain or maintain! Fingers crossed for both of us for next week and that elusive stone certificate xx

  12. Oh wow - every meal looks delicious. I must try some of these. Well done you! Kaz x

  13. Ohhhhh those Ocean Burgers... and in fact the whole plate looks delicious!! I love being surprised by the scales, even when you assume you have had a bad week! You are doing so well on Slimming World, it is really suiting you! You are allowed a treat every now and then, don't feel guilty for it - it's a journey and a half!! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in again this week! Sim xx

  14. Half a pound is half a pound well done you :) #weighloseorstay

  15. I have the fakeaways book, it's brill and tried a few recipes from it so far. Well done on your loss x #swsunday


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