Home : Bathroom Makeover - Nautical Touches

We have been in the process of updating our bathroom for a while now (you can see how it looked previously here). The suite felt old and outdated and the jacuzzi bath wasn't used very often, as a result the filters would clog up and it just felt unhygienic. When we found out that we were pregnant changing the suite became an urgent job. In an ideal world we would have changed the tiles and flooring too but due to a lack of funds we just did what we had to. I've finished it off with nautical touches and am quite pleased with the result.

The sink, toilet, bath, shower screen and taps all came from eBay and seem to be good quality. The sink cupboard has soft shut doors and is high gloss so wipes down easily.

We were lucky enough to have the mirror for free. A relative paid for it and received it with a small chip in the corner, he took a photo and contacted the company who said to hold on to it and that they would send another free of charge. As a result we had the damaged one, you can hardly see the chip. The mirror has a light and a heater so that it doesn't steam up.

The cupboard is our old Billy Bookcase that previously lived in the spare room, we had to get rid of this when converting the room to a nursery so decided to use it as bathroom storage. We went to IKEA to buy the doors for it which I painted around the edges with Dulux Sea Blue paint (I only needed a sample pot). Spencer then added the rope door handles from eBay on to finish the look. My paint job is very rough as I was going for a 'beat up' look.

The bathroom bin & toilet brush came from Wilko and were both very reasonably priced. The bathmat is from Matalan but isn't on their website at the moment.

The blue fish soap dish, Coast Line storage and lighthouse decoration are all from Store Twenty One, none of which are currently on their website.

The toothbrush holder and lotion dispenser are both from The Range. These are both very cool as all of the shells and other bits float around inside. Simple things.

The bath sheet and hand towel are both from IKEA.

My little lighthouse light pull is possibly one of my favourite items in the bathroom, both this and the starfish dish are from Matalan, the dish comes in handy for bath bombs, etc. 

I'm super pleased with how the bathroom looks at the moment, though there are a few more things that I want to do. I would love new tiles and flooring, the tiles definitely aren't an option for a while yet but we may be able to get some cheap flooring within the next year. I'd like something white, I also want to paint the side of the bath a distressed white (we have recycled the side of the old bath). The other thing that I am debating is replacing the toilet seat, I can't decide if I would love a clear seat with shells in or if I think it is ridiculously tacky and something that I wouldn't want! What are your views on novelty toilet seats? Can you recommend any?


Birthday Cake & Cards from the Bump

On Sunday we celebrated Spencer's Birthday. With his birthday being the day after my due date I wasn't sure whether to buy him presents from a baby or from the bump, at the beginning of the week I decided to risk it and buy from the bump.

I actually found it difficult to find things from the bump, Father's Day cards & Christmas cards were readily available on sites such as Moonpig and Funky Pigeon, but not Birthday. After a little bit of Googling I was taken to Etsy and thankfully a UK based Etsy seller. 

I couldn't resist the centre of attention day card, I also added inside that he should make the most of it before baby comes, we've been joking for a while about the fact that the baby is due so close to his birthday so his birthday will be forgotten about once baby arrives.

For the cake I automatically went to Baker Days as I know that you can completely personalise cakes with them and I know that they taste good. I also included a little message in the card that came with the cake, it did tickle me that they just stuck a piece of paper in the card instead of writing or typing the message directly onto the card but the card is free with the cake so this didn't bother me.

Personalised photo upload cake - Baker Days
Centre of Attention Day card - Scribbler (if you use Quidco don't forget to claim cashback!) 
Birthday card from the bump - Etsy

I ordered my cards early in the morning and both of them arrived the following day. I paid £5.99 to have the cake delivered by Courier on the Friday, unfortunately there were some issues with the Courier and I never received the cake. He did knock but didn't give me time to answer or attempt to leave it with a neighbour. As a result we didn't get the cake until Monday. Baker Days are kindly refunding me the £5.99 and are looking into the issues with the Courier.


39 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I am 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant, making me two days overdue.

I was actually sick one day last week which came as a shock as I haven't been sick for a little while now. That wasn't very pleasant but thankfully it was only the one day.

I've had several aches and pains again this past week along with Braxton Hicks and an aching back, but nothing to get excited about. I've also had excruciating trapped wind and indigestion. 

I gained 1lb in week 39, my total pregnancy weight gain is now 6lb.

Bump at 39 + 1 \\ Bump at 39 + 4.

We had agreed not to celebrate Valentine's Day, Spencer got me a card and I got him nothing at all. I felt a little guilty that I hadn't bothered getting a card so ordered his favourite takeaway (Dominos) and asked them to write Happy Valentine's Day Spencer in the lid, I love that they did and also drew some hearts! \\ I bought myself some Valentine's flowers the day after when they were half price \\ I also bought some daffodils to pretty up the kitchen.

GU Zillionaire puddings are amazing (and half price in Tesco at the moment!) \\ Being on Maternity leave is great, I lounge around and have Kitty cwtches most days! \\ Pancake Day! My niece was in Hospital last week with pre-quinsy so we were visiting most evenings and got home late on pancake day we bought some ready made pancakes as a result, I had one with lemon & sugar and one with Nutella. \\ Pukka womankind tea is delicious. 


Initial Thoughts : Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Gym & Baby Seat/Swing

The Fisher Price Rainforest Friends take along swing & seat is gorgeous and looks like it will be a lot of fun for baby. 

The seat is secure and relatively easy to put together, I did have to ask Spencer for help while pushing one part into place, but apart from that I managed it all by myself. 

The seat collapses well making it easy to take away with you, Spencer collapses it easily but I can't push the buttons in hard enough. I am hoping that they will loosen up a bit as time goes on.

I am suffering with Carpal Tunnel in my pregnancy so my hands are weaker than usual which could be why I struggle with certain aspects.

The seat can be used as a six speed swing, a baby seat and a vibrating baby seat. It plays music and nature sounds. The swing is battery powered and senses the babies weight so doesn't get weighed down, which means no effort at all for mummy and daddy.

It has a bright and colourful design plus two dangling toys so is sure to grab baby's attention. 

The seat looks comfortable and (the best news for me!) is machine washable. 

The seat is suitable from 0 - 11kg.

The Fisher Price Baby Gym* is suitable from newborn to toddler and is easily converted between the three stages. 

Spencer had to put this together for me purely because my belly was in the way, but believe me, if you don't have a huge belly it is super easy to put together. 

It is bright and colourful, comes with dangling toys and balls for baby to play with, has dancing lights and two music modes (long play and short play).

We currently have ours set up for newborn, the other two options are stage two which involves clipping the mat in a slightly different way so that baby can sit on it and place the balls between the net (currently underneath) and the slides. In stage three you would lose the mat altogether so that your toddler can stand and drop the balls, you can also remove two of the dangling toys and place them onto the base of the animals legs.

The mat is padded and machine washable. 

Keep your eyes peeled for a follow up post on both of these items once baby has arrived and had chance to play with them.


Pregnancy : What I've Packed in Our Hospital Bags

Packing your hospital bags ready to give birth is so hard and can be quite stressful, everywhere you look tells you that you do or don't need different things. At my Parent Craft classes we were given a list telling us what we needed. They told us just to pack the basics on the assumption that we won't be staying in Hospital for very long, partners aren't allowed to stay overnight so they will be back and fore and can pick more items up as and when necessary.

Blog post - what to pack in your hospital bags for giving birth


Pregnancy Appointment : 40 Week Midwife Appointment

I had my 40 week check up yesterday, my appointments always fall shortly before the date that they are checking on as my surgery only do midwife appointments on a Wednesday, as a result at my 40 week appointment I was actually 39 weeks + 4 days.

My Midwife checked my urine, blood pressure, measured my bump and listened to babies heartbeat with a doppler. 

All of the checks were fine, thankfully this time I didn't have sugar in my urine, my Midwife was very relieved about this as it would be a shame to get this far and then start with complications. 

My bump is measuring 37cm which means that baby is now weighing approximately 7lbs 7. 

Baby is still 3/5ths engaged, but in the words of the Midwife the head is 'down there good and proper now'! 

I am booked in for a sweep next Wednesday when I will be 40 weeks + 4 days, though my Midwife does hope that labour will start naturally before then, my fingers are crossed as I really don't want to have a sweep! She informed me that they may try a couple of sweeps as they prefer to start labour as naturally as possible, but if this doesn't work by 05 March I will have to go into Hospital to be induced.  I am now willing this baby out of me and will be bouncing on my gym ball again shortly after publishing this post! 


What I'm Looking Forward to in 2015

As far as I am concerned 2015 is going to be mine and Spencer's best year EVER. With becoming first time parents we have a lot to look forward to. I thought it would be a nice idea to do a round up of all of the things that I am looking forward to this coming year.

21 Feb - Baby is due. I cannot wait to meet my little boy or girl, I also cannot wait to find out if my baby is a boy or a girl! Our lives will never be the same again from the moment that baby is born, they will completely change, for the better of course.

22 Feb - Spencer's Birthday. We don't have any exciting plans for his birthday with it being so close to the due date. I've given him money to buy a new graphics card, not very exciting but it is what he wants. I've also bought him a card from the bump and a completely personalised cake from Baker Days off me & bump which I will be showing on here after his birthday.

27 Feb - Gracie's Birthday. My little niece will be six this year, they aren't having a party this year just a small tea party in the house on 28 Feb, hopefully I will be able to attend but it does depend on when baby decides to make an appearance and how I am. I've bought her present already just in case.

14 Mar - Olly's Birthday. My little nephew will be three this year. Again, Olly isn't having a party this year but will be having a tea party at some point. I'm pretty sure I will be able to attend this along with baby. Last year they had a joint Barney & Mermaid themed party which I really enjoyed helping out with, you can read my post about that here.

20 Apr - My 30th Birthday. I'm not entirely sure what my birthday will bring this year. I did initially plan to have a party, it was going to be a festival theme with wellies holding sunflowers and empty spirit bottles on each table holding my favourite Gerbera Daisies. That is now completely out of the window as a) I don't know how I'll be feeling just two months after having baby and b) I'll be breastfeeding so won't be able to have a drink! I'm hoping that Spencer has some exciting alternative plan up his sleeve.

27 Apr - Our first family holiday! We are going to Bluestone Wales* for the week. Spencer, myself, baby, my sister, her partner and their two children. I cannot wait. Baby is booked in for a Sensory class which I'm hoping will be good. My niece and nephew are absolutely going to love it there, there are so many fun things for children of their ages to do there.

20 Sept - Wales v Uruguay rugby world cup. Spencer bought tickets for this, as much as I love rugby I'm not a fan of attending the matches with him because we always end up arguing. I have told him that I will go if he agrees to dress up as a sheep with me. I am secretly looking forward to it.

31 Oct - Lake District Holiday*. Spencer, me, baby and Spencer's parents are going to be enjoying a weekend in the Lake Districts staying at the gorgeous Hart Heard Barn courtesy of Lake Lovers. The cottage and the area look stunning. I'm sure it will be quite cold at that time of the year but there is a nice open fire to keep us warm.

25 Dec - Our first family Christmas! 

As well as all of this I am looking forward to plenty of baby cwtches and a year off work to spend with baby, going for walks along the canal and play dates with friends and their children.

Have you got many exciting plans for the coming year?


38 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I am 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant and have less than a week until my due date, six days to be precise!

I've been taking my reflux tablets again and have had plenty of lie ins, which I think is why I haven't been sick this week.

My milk has been leaking quite a bit in the nights, I've resorted to sleeping naked as I'm just so hot and I've woken a few times to wet patches where my boobs are. I've now bought myself these sleeping bras from Mothercare so that I can wear them to bed with a breast pad in them, I can't sleep in normal bras as they are just too uncomfortable. I ordered the bras in a size L but annoyingly they are too big which results in the bra moving around and my pads not staying in place. Still, it is better protection than nothing at all.

I've had a few aches and pains but nothing to get me excited enough into thinking that baby is on his/her way. I really hope that I don't end up going overdue as I am quite fed up now.

I gained 1lb in week 38, my total weight gain is now 5lb.

My bump at 38 weeks + 1 day.

We had our stair carpet and sofas cleaned by a local South Wales carpet cleaning company, we're super pleased with the results.

We also received our new fridge freezer this week, it is the first time we've ever had a brand new one, we've always got second hand up until now. We're really pleased with it and may review it soon. 

I've finally made a start on painting the dining chairs, the plan is to paint two chairs this colour, two chairs pale pink and the table white. I've wanted to do it for about a year and had the paint for about six months! \\ Treated ourselves to some gorgeous pancakes as they were on offer at our local Co-Op, they are gorgeous. I did go mad though as Bob stole one off my plate, I stopped talking to him for a little while. \\ Received my order from The Range, super pleased with the items. \\ Our new curtains look fab. \\ I had to find somewhere else to sit while our sofas were being cleaned/drying, I took to the corner of the nursery and quite enjoyed sitting there in the peace and quiet. 

We went out for a meal last Sunday, nothing fancy, just our local Table Table, my niece took this lovely photo of me while waiting for our food \\ Bob being lazy as always \\ Hospital bags packed and ready to go \\ We ordered Ewan the Sheep after hearing good things about him, I hope that our baby likes him. 


Home : The Nursery so far

We haven't finished our Nursery just yet and have decided that we're not going to until baby has arrived and we know the sex. It is surprisingly difficult to find nice items in the grey, yellow and white colour scheme and we thought it would be a nice idea to inject some pastel blue or pink into the room so have left items such as bedding and curtains for the time being. Baby won't be sleeping in the room straight away so there is no great rush to finish it. With that in mind here is a tour of the Nursery so far, I have linked to where to buy items where possible. 

Lightshade - IKEA (also available in blue)

Basket drawers and wardrobe old, wardrobe re-painted.
Chest of drawers - Argos

Basket - gift
Soft toys - M&S*

Ewan The Sheep - Boots
Soft toys & handprint wall art - gifts
Baby scrapbook from eBay

Pom Poms - IKEA

Baby Changing Table - IKEA Sundvik

Chair - IKEA Nolbyn
Footstool - IKEA Poang
Cot - Second hand gift
Nursing pillow - Argos, part of set of two

Bird and tree wall art from eBay, I ordered this in large with eight additional dark yellow birds.

The grey paint is the shade Heavy Mist by Valspar, we bought it in B&Q.