Baby Milestone Cards

You may have seen these Baby Milestone cards pop up a few times in Aria's updates posts. They are such a good idea and a great way of marking those special moments in your baby's life.


Review & Giveaway : In The Night Garden Tummy Time Book

Aria isn't the greatest fan of tummy time so when I was offered the chance to try this In The Night Garden Tummy Time book*, designed to stimulate and entertain babies during tummy time, I couldn't resist. The book folds out into a carousel which can be placed on the floor for a fun focus during tummy time.

In The Night Garden Tummy Time book front cover


New Baby Housework Hacks

When you've just had a baby housework is the last thing on your mind. This combined with the fact that you will have more visitors than ever before means getting inventive and creating housework hacks.  I have picked up quite a few along the way, read on to find out my hacks and my thought process while using them.

new baby housework hacks


Personalised Piggy Bank

If you have been reading my blog for a while you may have noticed that I love personalised items, which is why when looking for a piggy bank for Aria I took to eBay in search of a personalised one.


On Turning 30

On Monday I turned the grand old age of thirty and it really wasn't that bad! A lot of people get quite down about reaching a certain age but I am more than happy. I haven't done everything that I wanted to do before turning thirty but I have achieved a lot. I have my lovely baby and husband, a Mortgage, a secure job, I'm debt free and most importantly of all, I'm happy.

I had a full weekend of celebrating with loved ones, read on to find out what I got up to and see what presents I received. 


What Aria Wore #1

Aria has so many cute outfits I figure that it is about time that I show them off on here. Who doesn't want to see cute babies in cute clothes?


Malina Jewellery Review & Giveaway

Malina is the home of distinctive and high quality, hand-made jewellery. If you are looking for quirky jewellery this is the place for you!

Malina Chloe Choker £85*


Follow Up Review : Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Gym & Baby Seat/Swing

Before Aria's arrival I posted my initial thoughts on the Fisher Price Gym and the Fisher Price Baby Seat/Swing. Aria is now seven weeks old so we have had the chance to try them out, read on to find out our thoughts so far.

Baby doing Tummy Time on Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Baby Gym


Day Out : Penderyn Whisky Tour

If you're looking for a day out in Wales then why not take a tour of Penderyn Whisky Distillery?

Penderyn Whisky Tour - Penderyn Whisky Barrels


Hello Fresh Box #1 - April 2015

Bounty bags are something that you receive throughout your pregnancy, one of mine included a £25 voucher towards a Hello Fresh box. I've heard rave reviews for Hello Fresh so couldn't wait to try it out myself.

If you haven't heard of Hello Fresh they are a meal subscription service. You choose from a selection of boxes, choose your delivery day and wait. They send you a box which contains recipe cards along with everything that you need to make each dish, most of the ingredients are ready measured out to make life that little bit easier.

I couldn't wait to get stuck in and start cooking, and of course, eating the delicious food!

Hello Fresh Meal Subscription box
Hello Fresh box packaging


Home : Simple Sofa Update with Cherry Blossom Cushion Covers

Cherry Blossom Scatter Black Cushion Covers

We wanted to update our tired looking sofa but couldn't afford a complete new sofa, so I settled on new cushion covers. Scatter back cushion covers were surprisingly difficult to get hold of, we tried Dunelm Mill, IKEA and even SCS where we originally bought our sofa. Places either didn't have the correct size, had horrible patterns or only sold the size with the cushion for a ridiculous price (around £60 per cushion in some places!). There may well be other more obvious places to look but I didn't know where so took to eBay, the place where you can buy absolutely anything.


Review : Pure Potions Baby Skincare - Baby Oil & Nappy Salve


Pregnancy & Beyond : The Things That No One Tells You About

Everyone tells you about what to expect during pregnancy, but not many people tell you about what to expect afterwards. What can you expect to happen to your body and mind after pregnancy?

post pregnancy what they don't tell you


White Chocolate Finger & Mini Egg Pastel Rainbow Cake / 2015 Easter Cake

Every single year I say I'm going to make an Easter cake, this year I finally did. It took me two days to make and cost us an absolute fortune (there were seven packs of Mini Eggs costing £1 each involved, plus all the other ingredients) but I am glad that I finally made it as I have been wanting to attempt a pastel rainbow cake for a while now.

white chocolate pastel layer cake with white chocolate finger edging and mini egg topping


The Battle of the Medela Breast Pumps - The Electric Swing vs The Manual Harmony

I was lucky enough to try both the electric Medela Swing pump* and the manual Medela Harmony pump*. A question that I have been asked by a lot of people is "is it worth spending the extra cash on the electric pump?", for me, the simple answer is yes. If you would like to know why then carry on reading.

Electric Breastpump or Manual Breastpump


Aria's Six Week Update

My little baby is six weeks old today, I can't quite believe it! The time is going so quickly.

26.3.15 4 weeks old || 9.4.15 6 weeks old

It has been two weeks since my last update, not a lot has changed but there are a few little things. 

She was weighed today at six weeks and is now 7 lbs 15 & 1/2 oz, that is a gain of 9 & 1/2 oz in the two weeks since her last weigh in and she is still following the line for 2nd centile. She is 50.5 cm in length and again following the line for the 2nd centile. Her head circumference is 37 cm and following the chart on the 25th centile. The Health Visitor assured me that her head being on a completely different centile to her weight and height is completely normal, she is a small baby but her brain is developing at a normal pace making her head larger. The Doctor may want to monitor this but it is just to tick the boxes rather than actually being concerned. 


Race for Life 2015 : Introduction & Discount Code

Regular readers may have gathered that I am not the biggest fan of exercise and struggle to motivate myself. When Cancer Research UK first contacted me asking if I would like to be part of the 2015 Race for Life Blogger Team I declined, using the fact that I hadn't long given birth as an excuse, I am the Queen of excuses. After thinking about it for a while I decided that this was not a valid excuse, in fact, if anything, it was a reason for me to take part, that and the fact that it is for an amazingly good cause. I last took part in my local 5K Race for Life in 2010 with Curves, I had a fantastic day and managed to raise an amazing £195 for Cancer Research, if I can raise half of that amount again I will be more than happy.

Race for Life Cwmbran 5K 2010 Pink Army


Is It Normal To Have A Midlife Crisis Following Childbirth?

Is it normal to have a mid-life crisis following childbirth? Well, not quite mid-life because hopefully I'll live longer than 60, but maybe a third life crisis?

Since giving birth to Aria I have really been making the most of being off work, I've worked in the same place since 2001, a place that doesn't allow tattoos, piercings or anything too 'out there'. That is a long time for someone who fantasises about wacky hair colours, piercings and tattoos. 


Five Tried & Tested Tips to Help a Newborn Sleep Alone

During the first two days of Aria's life she needed a little encouragement to sleep alone, she was a great sleeper, just not alone, the only way to wake her up was to put her in her Moses Basket! Our Midwives and Health Visitor gave us a few tips, some of which worked well for us and hopefully will help others too. Read on to discover the five tried and tested tips that helped our newborn baby sleep alone.

5 tried and tested tips to help a newborn sleep alone

Your Scent. Your baby may be struggling to sleep alone because she wants to be with you. Try tricking her by placing something with your scent on into the basket/crib with her. For example I was using muslin cloths to prop my boobs up when breast feeding, these went into the Moses Basket with Aria when we wanted her to sleep.

Smaller Sleeping Area. Your baby has been tucked up inside you for nine months, expecting them to come out and sleep in a spacious Moses Basket straight away is actually quite a big ask. We were lucky enough to have the carry cot attachment for our pushchair which is a lot smaller than the Moses Basket, Aria slept in this a lot happier for the first few weeks of her life, we have only recently moved her into her Moses Basket. If you don't have a smaller option on hand simply make where she is sleeping seem smaller. Swaddle your baby and also pad out the Moses Basket with towels/sheets, also, cover the mattress with a fleecy blanket for extra comfort.

Ewan The Dream Sheep/White Noise. Ewan definitely helped Aria sleep, we still use him now, when she is particularly alert after a sleep the music setting seems to make her dose off. When she was first born we used the white noise setting which also features sounds of the womb. If you don't want to splash out for Ewan there are white noise apps available though I have no idea how well these work.

Recline The Mattress. Pop a few old sheets under the top of the mattress so that their head is slightly reclined. The cribs in hospitals tend to be reclined as it helps the baby sleep. 

A Night Light. We were bought this owl night light and it was a great present, as well as being portable and safe for the little one to use their selves when they are a little bigger it isn't too bright and it switches itself off after 20 minutes. Aria tends to cry if the room is in complete darkness, so I simply turn this on and leave it on, she drifts off and then it turns itself off.


Easter 2015 with Thorntons

My search for Diabetic Easter eggs took me to the Thorntons website, I looked at various websites but they either didn't cater for diabetics or wanted ridiculous prices for them. As I needed to buy two sugar free eggs I didn't want to spend a fortune on them. Thorntons sell them for £7 each or 5 for £20, me being me couldn't resist adding another three eggs to my virtual basket! 

I ordered Spencer an egg and, as I'm convinced that he won't even consider to buy me one, I ordered one for myself. Personalised of eggs is free of charge where available so I couldn't resist a sarcastic message on my egg! I had one egg left to go so settled for the cute Harry Hopalot. 

There are often discount codes flying around for Thorntons so if you do decide to take advantage of this deal do a quick search for discount codes and you may save even more money. Also, Quidco give 8% cashback on Thorntons orders so be sure to go via them. These eggs are getting cheaper and cheaper! 

Personalised Easter Egg
Diabetic Easter Egg