Tour of Aria's Nappy Changing Table

When planning Aria's nursery we debated whether or not to get a changing table, a lot of people said they bought them but tended not to use them opting to just change them where ever they were when they needed changing. We decided to go ahead and buy one, even if we didn't use it as a changing table it would come in handy as storage. As it turns out we use it for every single change so it was well worth the money!

IKEA Sundvik nappy changing unit

Carry on reading for a tour of our changing table and to see the changing related products that we use on a daily basis.


Easy DIY Flower Headband

I love floral crowns but find them to be very overpriced, so I decided to make my own, it took me about five minutes and cost less them £5! This flower headband tutorial is so simple that even the least creative amongst us would be able to make their own - you don't even need to glue it if you don't want to.

Easy DIY flower headband


I Am The Mum Who...

A little while back I was tagged by Sam from Life Of Mum to join in with the I am the mum who tag, here is my post.


Restaurant Review : Five Guys, Cardiff

Burgers are one of my favourite foods, I absolutely love burgers with all kinds of different toppings on them, which is why when I heard that Five Guys was opening in Cardiff I was super excited and decided that was where I would have my lunch on my Birthday day out. 

Five Guys Cardiff Exterior


What Aria Wore #2

I have found a new obsession when it comes to dressing Aria, in the form of cute headbands. I recently purchased three and am counting down until pay day to buy some more (they are only cheap but maternity pay means cheap things are a treat!).

Portrait photo of baby girl smiling wearing shabby chic rose headband


Using Up The Kitchen Leftovers #2

This week I decided to use up the Hello Fresh food leftovers in our bank holiday bank barbecue. 

food waste - chickpeas, butternut squash, aubergine, tomatoes, cucumber and pepper


Review : FloraQueen

Want flowers in a hurry? Spanish based firm FloraQueen arrange to deliver beautiful fresh flowers at super speed to over ninety countries worldwide.

bouquet of yellow white and purple flowers on white wooden floor with yellow bow

Hello Fresh Box #3 - May 2015

You may recall me saying that the Hello Fresh boxes would only be a treat for us, well I am getting slightly addicted and finding them difficult to resist, so, here I am reviewing my third box! 

If you are unfamiliar with Hello Fresh, read my first Hello Fresh blog post here in which I explain a little bit about how it works. If you just want to see what mouth watering dishes I made from this box carry on reading.

Hello Fresh Black Bean Chili with brown rice and citrus crème fraiche

Black Bean Chili with brown rice and citrus crème fraiche.


Aria's Twelve Week Update

Yesterday Aria turned 12 weeks which I am really not happy about, even though it is a while away yet the 12 week mark has really made me panic about going back to work. 

baby lying on pink rug with milestone cards at 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 12 weeks old


Review : Sudocrem Care & Protect

Lately we have been trialling Sudocrem Care & Protect as a preventative for nappy rash, here I will be discussing the product and how we got along with it.

Tube of Sudocrem Care & Protect used for reivew


Review : The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri

I've previously mentioned my love for the Green Earth Wok by Ozeri, I've now been lucky enough to try out the frying pan from the same range. Read on for a review of the 26cm/10" non-stick frying pan.


My Breastfeeding Cafe with Medela

As part of my ongoing project with Medela I was asked to hold a get together with fellow breastfeeding mum's to chat about breastfeeding over coffee & cake. We went along to Lollipops & Ladybirds on Friday and enjoyed cappuccinos & homemade carrot & orange cake while chatting all things breastfeeding and putting the world to rights! 

My Breastfeeding Cafe with Medela - Six mum's breastfeeding experiences - blog post with breastfeeding questions and answers, including the mother of identical twins - coffee & cake at Lollipops & Ladybirds Cwmbran


Using Up The Kitchen Leftovers #1

We're always left with loads of food waste at the end of the week, especially after having a Hello Fresh box for the week. I've decided to set myself a challenge to minimise our food waste by either using it up or preserving it.

box of food waste


Lollipops & Ladybirds Cwmbran

Cwmbran based Lollipops & Ladybirds is a cafe with a difference, not only is it a cafe geared towards young children and babies it also has a pottery service and plays host to many baby/toddler related groups.


Moaning During Pregnancy and Why It Is Okay

Why is it that people are offended by pregnant people stating that they are feeling unwell? Granted, pregnancy is a blessing and not an illness, but some people do have a LOT of illnesses alongside their pregnancy. 

40 weeks + 1 day pregnant overdue


Review : Ozeri WeightMaster II - Scale with Weight Change Detection

As well as calculating your BMI these bathroom scales will tell you if you have lost or gained weight since your last weigh in, they light up green for a loss or red for a gain. 

Ozeri WeightMaster II box

Carry on reading to find out more about how they work.


Sweet Treats from Marks & Spencer's Taste of the British Isles Range

This Summer Marks & Spencer have reinvented some forgotten classics. Including coconut ice, a selection of fizzy pop sweets and some delicious chocolates, there is something for everyone.

We were lucky enough to trial this yummy selection, carry on reading to see what we thought of these sweet treats.


Hello Fresh Box #2 - April 2015

We decided to treat ourselves to another Hello Fresh box back in April, as we were going on holiday the week after receiving the box I opted for the family box with four meals for four people, I could cook them all, eat half now and freeze half so that we had food in on our return.

If you want to read a little bit more about the concept of Hello Fresh then read my initial post here. If you just want to see the delicious meals, including this delicious chicken dish, carry on reading.

Chicken Yakitori with crispy red onions and sweet and sour noodles


Race For Life 2015 : My Preparations

As mentioned previously I, along with Aria in the pushchair, will be taking part in Race for Life* this year to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Read on to find out how I have been preparing for the event.

girl exercising with baby jogger city mini


50 Things That Make Me Happy

I've been tagged by Lauren of The Life & Loves of Lolly to come up with 50 things that make me happy, it was surprisingly difficult to complete! Carry on reading to find out what brings a smile to my face.

cute baby smiling


Review : Nanny Violet's Jams

Nanny Violet's Jams is home to some seriously cute traditional handmade jars of jams and chutneys. I received a gift set of five* to admire, taste and review; carry on reading to find out what I thought and to see just how beautiful the packaging is.

five mini jams opened with lids upturned traditional packaging with cloth over lid


Bluestone Wales : Summary

I'm hoping by now you aren't fed up of seeing Bluestone related posts, this is the last one I promise! I've reviewed the lodge and told you exactly what we got up to on each day, today I am going to share my overall impressions of our holiday at Bluestone Wales.

Grassholm lodge at Bluestone Wales


Bluestone Wales : Day Four

A gigantic fairy lit tree, a dragon's egg, baby sensory and a beautiful sunset. Read on to find out what we got up to on day four of our stay at Bluestone Wales.


Bluestone Wales : Day Three

A walk in the wild, a cheeky duck, a picnic at a lake and a Welsh Italian. Carry on reading to discover what we got up to on day three of our stay at Bluestone Wales.

quirky sign in woods stop reading this sign and keep walking


Bluestone Wales : Day Two

A secret fairy village, a Harry Potter-esque tournament field, an Adventure Centre, a Medieval pub, coffee & cake. Carry on reading to discover exactly what we got up to on day two of our stay at Bluestone Wales.

Secret fairy village in woods with colourful bunting


Bluestone Wales : Day One

Day one of our Bluestone trip was all about settling into our lodge, we picked our rooms, unpacked, plugged the Chromecast in and ordered takeaway.

Two children staring out of window in Grassholm Lodge Bluestone Wales

Carry on reading for more photos and details of our first day in Bluestone.


Bluestone Wales : The Grassholm Lodge

We recently enjoyed a four night break at Bluestone Wales*, where we stayed in a four bedroom Grassholm Lodge situated in Preseli View area of the resort. 

Read on to find out what I thought of our Bluestone Accommodation

Celebrating 25 Years with Aldi - Cocktail Recipe

This year I celebrated turning 30 and Aldi celebrated turning 25. I was a happy accident back in 1985, Aldi UK on the other hand was a well thought out venture in 1990. The firm is growing from strength to strength and is the UK's fastest growing retailer. They have won many awards including Supermarket of the Year at the Loved By Parent's Awards last year, and I can see why parent's voted Aldi, we love their nappies and wipes.

Picnic hamper containing alcoholic cocktail ingredients

To celebrate turning 25 Aldi have created five Spring cocktails, read on for their Shooting Star cocktail* recipe.

Ten Uses for Muslin Cloths

When I found out I was pregnant so many people told me that muslin cloths were an absolute essential, I wasn't sure exactly how essential they were but bought some based on this advice. Now that I have a nine week old baby I can see exactly why they are essentials, they are a lot more versatile than just a glorified sick rag!

10 alternative uses for muslin cloths

Read on for my top ten uses for Muslin cloths, aside from the obvious wiping up sick and dribble.